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Why use Google Ads in 2024?

Everyone uses Google! Right now, people are searching on Google. This implies that your consumers are also searching on Google.

If you want to capitalize on the astronomical number of searches performed daily on Google and quickly gain the attention you need to increase your results, there's no better way to start than by signing up for Google Ads , the Google's advertising bent.

Google Ads and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Ads is Google's own advertising platform , formerly known as Google Adwords. Google Ads offers pay-per-click (PPC), charging only when visitors physically click on your ad.

Unlike other forms of online advertising, and any traditional paid forms too, PPC means your money only goes towards advertising to people who show intent and intent is incredibly powerful. If your audience is already ready to buy, they are much more likely to pull the trigger.

Google Ads also offers financial control levels with no minimum spend, allowing you to choose your daily, monthly or per individual ad budget.

In 2022, Google's artificial intelligence is smarter than ever

PPC has come a long way since its inception. Before, digital marketers spent hours fine-tuning campaign settings by tweaking minimum price, maximum price, different targets, and other very specific tactics.

With Google's AI constantly learning, the platform is now more powerful than ever , offering more tools like Smart Bidding that help marketers drive stronger, more competitive results. consistent and anticipate potential issues that could affect performance. Think about click-through rates, conversion probabilities, and anticipation of consumer behavior.

Whether you want to focus on clicks, conversions, or return on ad spend (ROAS), Google's automated bidding strategies help marketers benchmark performance goals and optimize ads to ensure maximum profitability for businesses .

Being plugged in 24/7, the Google machine can quickly respond to real-time market conditions and trends, enable marketers and businesses to make smarter decisions, and generate more reliable results so that they can evolve at an accelerated, but sustainable, pace. And it's only getting better as Google's machine learning processes more and more data every day.

We manage and optimize Google Ads advertising campaigns for all types of businesses. When people use a search engine , we place your ads in front of them at the right time, throughout their customer journey.

Google Ads against social networks: a digital fight

Until recently, Google and Facebook used very different targeting strategies for their advertising.

Given their reliance on search engine results pages (SERPs), it made sense for Google to focus solely on keywords and display relevant ads to anyone searching for those terms. Meanwhile, Facebook uses data to group audiences based on their user behavior , assuming their purchasing habits also align.

Google obviously saw merit in this strategy, and Google Ads now also offers audience targeting, with data aggregated from users' YouTube, Gmail, and Google accounts. It’s a veritable gold mine of very valuable information!

At Bofu, we see this topic as a multitude of opportunities to display to your prospects and customers on all platforms according to their preferences!

There are currently 5 main types of Google ads, depending on the desired audience:

1. Search network campaigns appear on SERPs ( search engine results pages) when people perform specific searches. These campaigns are generally used to promote specific products or services and aim to encourage users to click on an ad to go to a website . Common conversions for these campaigns include online purchases, contact forms, app downloads, and more. Websites that work well with these campaigns are usually those that have quality content and an easy purchasing process.

2. Display Network campaigns appear on specific websites or apps that customers visit. These campaigns are usually image-based and aim to encourage users to click on an ad to go to a website .

3. Video campaigns are short video advertisements that appear before or during content streaming on YouTube. These campaigns aim to encourage users to click on an ad to go to a website or to watch an additional video.

4. Google Shopping campaigns highlight your online store 's product by working in conjunction with Google Merchant Center. These campaigns aim to encourage users to click on an ad to access a website and purchase a product.

5. Google Ads Performance Max campaigns include Search Automated (DSA) and Smart Shopping campaigns. These automated campaigns use artificial intelligence to optimize bids and targets in real time to maximize conversions and sales. DSA campaigns use data analytics to automatically target search queries related to your product or service . Smart Shopping campaigns use data analytics to automatically create highly targeted product ads for users across the Search Network, Display Network, and YouTube.

Additional advanced campaigns are also available for apps, such as Google Shopping. In short, for maximum control over your advertising settings, Google Ads is hard to beat.

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Optimal advertising control

Google Ads campaigns can now be targeted based on ad location, age, geography, and language, in addition to keywords. You can control the days, times, and frequency that ads appear, as well as the devices they appear on.

As a result, you'll be able to refine ad spend and personalize campaigns based on data, maximizing your ROI and investing in the domains, demographics and searches that deliver the best return.

You can even re-target prospects on social media who searched for or clicked on a specific website, giving you another way to reach customers and increase brand awareness.

Maximum awareness and conversion

Google Ads go beyond driving traffic through PPC on SERPs. They can be an invaluable tool for building brand awareness, and in 2022, strong branding is essential to standing out in the sea that is the internet.

Consumers are reluctant, suspicious and disengaged when there is no strong brand. This hinders conversion. With a strong, omnipresent brand across search networks, customer trust is reaffirmed, loyalty is created and sales are made.

It also means you're spending money in the right places and maximizing conversions by only appearing in markets where there is interest in everything your business has to offer.

Find out more about Google Ads by reading our article on how to optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) or display & video strategy .

The power of data

Knowledge is power, and the amount of data provided by Google Analytics is impressive. Plus, it goes hand in hand with Google Ads. You'll know exactly how much time people spend on your site and how much time they spent researching before getting there. You'll see when someone clicks on an ad, downloads an app, or calls to place an order and you'll find out exactly how much it costs you in advertising for users to take these actions.

With these techniques, the potential for your campaign to identify your most profitable customers is enormous. Additionally, Google makes this data easier to understand and interpret.

Rise in the organic ranks

SEO services are an increasingly difficult jungle to navigate. Although Google's position has always been that you cannot pay to improve organic rankings, you can use information from Google Ads to optimize your pages and build credibility against Google's crawlers. With the analytics provided, site content can be modified and adjusted to further increase traffic based on relevant keywords. In turn, this will increase your rankings — and for much less money than a full SEO campaign.

The insights gleaned can be tested to send visitors to landing pages with the highest conversion rates, streamlining the customer journey and maximizing revenue. Additionally, as a local business owner, claiming and verifying your Google My Business (GMB) listing is an easy way to improve SEO, visibility and trust.

Buyers rejoice

Too many product-focused businesses sleep on Google Shopping. In 2021, Google Shopping ads surpassed standard search ads and are currently one of the most effective marketing strategies in ecommerce.

Fortunately, Google Ads integrates seamlessly with Google Shopping. A Google Ads campaign showcases products across Google's extended network, reaching shoppers no matter where they search, even if it's a competitor 's website .

Using Google Shopping analytics, you can determine the most coveted products and categories and build brand trust with listing reviews through easy integration with Shopify.

We are sure that you have now realized the enormous added value that Google Ads can bring to your business . Do not hesitate to contact us ! Our team is not only made up of Google Ads experts, but understands the challenges that all businesses face. Ready to take the next step with your Google Ads ? Let us help you - Get more information.


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