Case study

Mr. Puffs Canada

Complete marketing strategy to attract customers in restaurants, for delivery, franchisees and brand development.

brand image

Brand strategy and guide

BOFU developed a comprehensive brand strategy for Mr. Puffs, aligned with the redesign of the new visual identity.

This strategy includes in-depth market analysis, defining a clear value proposition and creating consistent messaging to reinforce our brand image.

Thanks to their expertise, we were able to relaunch the brand with a unified and impactful vision: FUN!


Complete redesign of the website

BOFU transformed Mr. Puffs' old WordPress site into a fast, visually appealing Shopify store.

This new platform presents the menu and product catalog in a more impactful and easy-to-navigate way for users.

In addition, internal management is simplified, allowing product changes, branch additions, and blog updates effortless. With this redesign, Mr. Puffs offers an improved user experience while making day-to-day management easier for their team.


Omnichannel acquisition

By personalizing campaigns to attract people to restaurants, appearing in search results for the brand, category and competitor searches and for online delivery, we are able to maximize the advertising investment for conversions.

We keep the brand very present in front of the right consumers according to their interests and habits (restaurant or delivery) by using the offers and content created by our team for this purpose in addition to maximizing the placement of organic content created by the Flow team Creative Agency

Structuring the sales and business development process

HubSpot CRM, Service, Sales and Marketing

HubSpot allows Mr. Puffs Canada to centralize communications with more than 80 franchisees, customers and partners by integrating sales, service and marketing tools.

Automated reporting regularly updates franchisees on national initiatives and their local performance.

Additionally, process automation improves operational efficiency by simplifying the management of repetitive tasks and enabling proactive tracking of interactions and performance.



Thanks to the expertise of each member of the BOFU team, we have developed a strategy adapted to our needs. Their in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and the breadth of their skills allow us to trust them to guide us towards current best practices.

Frédérique César, Marketing Coordinator at Mr. Puffs