L'importance d'adapter ses créatifs publicitaires - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

The importance of adapting your advertising creatives

For effective and successful online advertising, all the elements must be in place. The adaptation of visual content according to the advertising platform is among these. Whether it is a photo , a ...
Rédaction publicitaire 101 - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Copywriting 101

Considered an essential art in the field of marketing, advertising copywriting consists of creating persuasive messages capable of attracting the attention of the target audience and convincing th...
10 tendances en publicité numérique pour 2024 - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
Stratégie Marketing

10 digital advertising trends for 2024

Just like the rest of the digital world, online advertising is a constantly evolving field. In order to take maximum advantage of the effectiveness of your campaigns, it is therefore necessary to ...
Plateformes de publicité en ligne secondaires : en bref - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
Stratégie Marketing

Secondary online advertising platforms: in brief

In addition to the traditional advertising platforms discussed previously, other alternatives should also be considered. In a digital world always progressing at high speed, it is important to stay...
Amazon Ads: tout ce que vous devez savoir - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Amazon Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Among the different advertising platforms, Amazon Ads is worth considering. After all, Amazon's sales force is well known. The opportunity to present your products in the forefront can therefore c...
LinkedIn Ads: la visibilité B2B à son meilleur - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads: B2B visibility at its best

Sometimes forgotten, the advertising platform of the professional social network LinkedIn also deserves attention. Although more targeted, this platform offers many options for businesses wishing ...
Facebook Ads (Meta Ads): guide d'introduction - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Facebook Ads (Meta Ads): introductory guide

An important online advertising platform, Facebook Ads must be considered when implementing your overall marketing strategy. Depending on your target audience and goals, several specific benefits ...
Google Ads : la publicité en ligne sur cette plateforme majeure - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
Google Ads

Google Ads: online advertising on this major platform

Google Ads is the main online advertising tool put forward by Google . Through its many features, it allows companies to reach specific audiences . From generating leads to increasing sales, having...
Analyse de la concurrence sur le web - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
Stratégie Marketing

Analysis of competition on the web

Online competition is an unavoidable reality for businesses wishing to thrive in the digital environment. You have to know how to take advantage of it. Online competitive analysis is indeed an ess...

What's new at Bofu?


[MÉDIAS] Du travail de haut niveau à prix raisonnable - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

High-level work at a reasonable price

La Presse Marketing agency Bofu has just announced the acquisition of web technologies Social Tipster and CoderChamp, in addition to getting its hands on online marketing service provider Lead...
Nouveau mandat de stratégie et de publicité pour Trois fois par jour - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Trois fois par jour chooses Bofu as its leading marketing agency

Introduction Today we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Trois fois par jour , a leading Quebec brand in the field of local recipes and home products. This strategic partnership with...
[ANNONCE] BOFU Agence Marketing annonce l'acquisition de LeadLeaps - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

[ANNOUNCEMENT] BOFU Marketing Agency announces the acquisition of LeadLeaps

We are delighted to announce that BOFU Agence Marketing has recently acquired LeadLeaps, one of the most reputable lead generation service providers in the industry. This event marks a significant ...