Tendances et nouvelles technologies en marketing numérique - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Trends and new technologies in digital marketing

Since the digital world is constantly in turmoil, the advertisements found there are certainly no exception. It is therefore crucial for businesses wanting to stand out online to follow trends and...
La loi 25 au Québec en résumé : comment naviguer dans le nouveau paysage de la protection des données et adapter votre stratégie marketing - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Law 25 in Quebec in a nutshell: how to navigate the new data protection landscape and adapt your marketing strategy

In an increasingly digital world where personal data has become a valuable resource, the need to protect the confidentiality and integrity of this information has never been more important. In t...
Hubspot automation pour les ventes, le marketing et le service client: Le guide complet - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Hubspot Automation for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service: The Complete Guide

As a HubSpot Agency Partner , we're here to tell you about the incredible benefits of HubSpot automation for your marketing, sales, and customer service departments. HubSpot is an all-in-one softwa...
HubSpot et l'automatisation marketing - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

HubSpot and marketing automation

Marketing automation is a strategy used by businesses to automate certain marketing tasks, such as sending email campaigns, tracking leads, and generating prospects. The goal of marketing automatio...
Pourquoi choisir HubSpot comme logiciel de CRM pour votre entreprise? - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Why choose HubSpot as CRM software for your business?

HubSpot is a popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that offers many features to help businesses manage their interactions with customers and prospects. Here are some reasons wh...
HubSpot et l'intégration d'outils comptables technologiques - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

HubSpot and the integration of technological accounting tools

There are several reasons why a company may want to integrate its accounting with its CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Save time: Integrating accounting with a CRM can automate certain ac...
HubSpot Academy: des outils de formation indispensable pour le responsable marketing d'aujourd'hui - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

HubSpot Academy: Must-Have Training Tools for Today's Marketing Manager

HubSpot Academy is HubSpot's online training platform that offers a range of courses and certifications on marketing, sales, and customer service tools and strategies. Academy courses are for mark...
Qu'est-ce qu'un CRM? - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

What is a CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that allows you to manage interactions with customers and prospects, as well as the data linked to these interactions. The purpose of a CRM is ...
HubSpot vs Pipedrive - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

HubSpot vs. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage and analyze their interactions with customers and customer data throughout the customer lifecycle. It is a ...

What's new at Bofu?


[MÉDIAS] Du travail de haut niveau à prix raisonnable - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

High-level work at a reasonable price

La Presse Marketing agency Bofu has just announced the acquisition of web technologies Social Tipster and CoderChamp, in addition to getting its hands on online marketing service provider Lead...
Nouveau mandat de stratégie et de publicité pour Trois fois par jour - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Trois fois par jour chooses Bofu as its leading marketing agency

Introduction Today we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Trois fois par jour , a leading Quebec brand in the field of local recipes and home products. This strategic partnership with...
[ANNONCE] BOFU Agence Marketing annonce l'acquisition de LeadLeaps - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

[ANNOUNCEMENT] BOFU Marketing Agency announces the acquisition of LeadLeaps

We are delighted to announce that BOFU Agence Marketing has recently acquired LeadLeaps, one of the most reputable lead generation service providers in the industry. This event marks a significant ...