Migrer un compte Google Workspace hors de la plateforme Wix - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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Migrate a Google Workspace account off the Wix platform

Today's digital world offers us a multitude of platforms to manage our business needs. However, sometimes we need to migrate from one solution to another to meet changing needs or to optimize our ...
L'impact de la loi 25 sur les sites web des entreprises québécoises - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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The impact of Law 25 on the websites of Quebec companies

As of September 22, 2023, a new stage of law 25 considerably changes the Quebec digital landscape, particularly for companies that manage websites. Here is an overview of this law, its i...
WordPress vs Site Web sur Mesure : Guide Complet (2023) - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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WordPress vs Custom Website: Complete Guide (2023)

In a rapidly digitalizing world, businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to develop a significant online presence. Businesses can grow and reach a wider audience with a solid website ...
La loi 25 au Québec en résumé : comment naviguer dans le nouveau paysage de la protection des données et adapter votre stratégie marketing - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Law 25 in Quebec in a nutshell: how to navigate the new data protection landscape and adapt your marketing strategy

In an increasingly digital world where personal data has become a valuable resource, the need to protect the confidentiality and integrity of this information has never been more important. In t...
Pourquoi utiliser Shopify pour sa boutique en ligne? - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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Why use Shopify for your online store?

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own online store. It offers a wide range of features for online merchants, including customer relationship...
Données structurées 101: définitions et bonnes pratiques - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Structured Data 101: Definitions and Best Practices

Structured data on a website is data organized in a precise and standardized way, usually in the form of tables or databases. They allow information to be stored and managed efficiently and made ea...
11 facteurs à considérer lors de vos demandes de soumissions de site web - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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11 factors to consider when requesting website quotes

At Bofu Marketing Agency, we firmly believe that creating a website is more than just a matter of aesthetics, it is a combination of beauty and performance that actually helps achieve your conversi...
Shopify : la boutique en ligne 2.0 - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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Shopify: the online store 2.0

Have you ever looked into shopping cart software? If so, chances are you've come across Shopify on your way. What is Shopify? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell both o...
7 façons simples d’augmenter la convivialité de votre site web - Bofu Agence Marketing Web
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7 easy ways to increase the usability of your website

A user-friendly website makes it easier for your users to navigate and allow them to achieve the desired objective such as making a purchase, accessing your products, reading your blog posts, etc...

What's new at Bofu?


[MÉDIAS] Du travail de haut niveau à prix raisonnable - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

High-level work at a reasonable price

La Presse Marketing agency Bofu has just announced the acquisition of web technologies Social Tipster and CoderChamp, in addition to getting its hands on online marketing service provider Lead...
Nouveau mandat de stratégie et de publicité pour Trois fois par jour - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Trois fois par jour chooses Bofu as its leading marketing agency

Introduction Today we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Trois fois par jour , a leading Quebec brand in the field of local recipes and home products. This strategic partnership with...
[ANNONCE] BOFU Agence Marketing annonce l'acquisition de LeadLeaps - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

[ANNOUNCEMENT] BOFU Marketing Agency announces the acquisition of LeadLeaps

We are delighted to announce that BOFU Agence Marketing has recently acquired LeadLeaps, one of the most reputable lead generation service providers in the industry. This event marks a significant ...