Combien coûte Shopify Plus ? Une analyse complète des prix et tarifs

How much does Shopify Plus cost? A complete analysis of prices and rates

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Introduction to Shopify Plus Costs

When growing businesses are looking to improve their e-commerce capabilities, Shopify Plus presents itself as a robust and scalable solution. However, before taking the plunge, it is crucial to understand the costs associated with this premium platform. This article is aimed at web developers and technical marketing technology specialists, providing a detailed analysis of Shopify Plus pricing and pricing in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Shopify Plus pricing structure

Shopify Plus Base Cost

The base cost of Shopify Plus starts at around CAD 2,300 per month, which includes a range of advanced features not available on standard Shopify plans. This base cost covers the use of the platform and allows businesses to manage an unlimited number of transactions and products at no additional cost.

Transaction Fees and Additional Fees

In addition to the base cost, it is important to consider transaction fees. Shopify Plus offers negotiable transaction fees, often less than 2.15%, based on sales volume and negotiations with Shopify. Businesses may also incur additional charges for using certain third-party applications or for specific customizations.

Cost comparison with other platforms

Shopify Price Comparison Table

Shopify plan Monthly price (CAD) Transaction fees
Basic Shopify 39 CAD 2.9% + 0.30 CAD
Shopify CAD105 2.6% + 0.30 CAD
Advanced Shopify 399 CAD 2.4% + 0.30 CAD
Shopify Plus 2300 CAD Negotiable, often < 2.15%

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Comparison with other platforms

Platform Monthly price (CAD) Transaction fees
Shopify Plus 2300 CAD Negotiable, often < 2.15%
Magento (Adobe Commerce) From 30,000 CAD/year Varies depending on extensions and services
BigCommerce 400 CAD 2.9% + 0.30 CAD
WooCommerce Variable (free plugin, hosting fees and extensions) Varies depending on payment provider

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Transaction fees explained and how they are calculated

Shopify Plus Transaction Fee Details

Shopify Plus transaction fees are one of the critical aspects to understand to fully evaluate the costs of this platform.

Comparing Transaction Fees to Other Shopify Plans
Shopify Plan Transaction fees
Basic Shopify 2.9% + 0.30 CAD
Shopify 2.6% + 0.30 CAD
Advanced Shopify 2.4% + 0.30 CAD
Shopify Plus Negotiable, often < 2.15%
How are transaction fees negotiated for Shopify Plus?

Transaction fees for Shopify Plus are often negotiable based on the company's monthly sales volume. Businesses with high trading volumes can benefit from reduced transaction fees, often below 2.15%. The negotiation is done directly with a Shopify Plus representative who will assess the specific needs of the company.

Real-world examples of calculating transaction fees

For a business generating 100,000 CAD in monthly sales with Shopify Plus, if the negotiated transaction fee is 2%, the monthly transaction fee would be:

100 000 CAD * 2 % = 2 000 CAD

Long-term cost comparison between Shopify Plus and other platforms

Long-term costs of Shopify Plus vs. other platforms

Maintenance and hosting costs

Shopify Plus includes hosting in its monthly base cost of 2300 CAD. In comparison, platforms like Magento require separate hosting, which can add significant annual costs, often exceeding CAD 10,000 for robust hosting solutions.

Development and customization costs

Development costs on Shopify Plus can be lower compared to Magento, due to the ease of use and numerous applications available. However, for very specific customizations, additional costs may apply for custom development.

Support and customer service costs

Shopify Plus offers premium customer support with dedicated account managers included in the monthly cost. For platforms like Magento, premium support may require additional contracts of up to several thousand dollars per year.

Popular login options and integrations

Shopify Plus allows for great flexibility in choosing payment solutions, giving businesses the ability to connect with their existing payment processors to maintain fees and agreements already in place. Some of the most popular integrations include Shopify Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and These integrations enable seamless transaction management and flexibility in choosing payment methods, while ensuring competitive fees and an optimal user experience.

Shopify Plus Cost Justification

Premium features included

Shopify Plus stands out for its advanced features such as Shopify Flow for automation, Shopify Scripts for personalizing checkout experiences, and Launchpad for managing promotions and product launches. These tools are designed to improve operational efficiency and deliver personalized shopping experiences, thereby justifying the higher cost of the platform.

Customer support and additional services

Shopify Plus users benefit from premium customer support, including dedicated account managers and 24/7 technical support. This level of support is essential for large businesses that require fast, efficient assistance to resolve issues and optimize their operations.

Speed ​​of execution and accessibility

Shopify Plus enables exceptional speed of execution for businesses, thanks to an infrastructure optimized for high volumes of traffic and transactions. Additionally, Shopify's intuitive user interface allows businesses to easily manage and update their stores without constantly relying on an external agency. This gives users the flexibility and control to make changes in real time.


Shopify Plus represents a significant investment for growing businesses, but its costs are justified by the advanced features, premium customer support, and the ability to handle high volumes of transactions. Ultimately, it's crucial to weigh the costs and benefits to determine if Shopify Plus is the right solution for your business.

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