hydro_pro_ensemencement-Bofu Agence Marketing hydro_pro_ensemencement-Bofu Agence Marketing

Hydro Pro Seeding

50+ submissions per week

Generate more than 50 quotes per week and a return on investment of 25:1

mini-entrepot-etude-de-cas-Bofu Agence Marketing mini-entrepot-etude-de-cas-Bofu Agence Marketing

Mini-warehouses 15 North

96% of the space rented in less than 45 days

Rent the entire site in less than 60 days, and this, for 3 consecutive years thanks to the Google Ads search network combined with Facebook Ads.

oli-et-eve-etude-de-cas-Bofu Agence Marketing oli-et-eve-etude-de-cas-Bofu Agence Marketing

Oli & Eve - Hairdressing house

Page #1 Google & Maps

SEO positioning on the first page of Google for several niche keywords and 1st in the results on Maps (100+ reviews).

pizza_resto_gios-Bofu Agence Marketing pizza_resto_gios-Bofu Agence Marketing

Restaurants Gio's & The market

new websites, SEO & Ads

Complete redesign of the Gio's restaurant website, creation of a Shopify online store for Gio's the marketplace & Shopify POS implementation.

zipplex_montreal-Bofu Agence Marketing zipplex_montreal-Bofu Agence Marketing


4500 new users

A solid Facebook advertising strategy, combined with the creation of a new showcase website, has increased the number of users on the web application.

Screen_Shot_2022-07-03_at_4-Bofu Agence Marketing Screen_Shot_2022-07-03_at_4-Bofu Agence Marketing

The fit cook

Return on investment of 10X from year 1

See how you too can take advantage of interactive digital tools combined with a solid advertising strategy to convert and create visibility for your brand.

bord-de-l-eau-Bofu Agence Marketing bord-de-l-eau-Bofu Agence Marketing

Demers Team Real Estate Brokers

5000 emails acquired

Using a questionnaire tool combined with Facebook advertising, the team was able to interact more easily with their buyers through email.

Webp-Bofu Agence Marketing Webp-Bofu Agence Marketing

Les Fitsauces

Online & Physical Omnichannel Strategy

In addition to making its products available on Amazon and fitsauces.com (Shopify), Fit Sauces are available in more than 50 outlets! Digital tools, automation and more!

jardin-depot-Bofu Agence Marketing jardin-depot-Bofu Agence Marketing

Garden Depot

Return of 5X from the first month

Generate a return of more than 5 times advertising spend in the first 4 weeks + 2X sales in 2021.

A human marketing agency focused on the success of our clients

The Bofu method: Why do business with us?

It all starts with the implementation of a structured and sustainable growth strategy that combines technological tools, digital media and traditional media. This scalable solution will not only allow your business to attract new customers, but also retain and retain them.

This strategy will also become your means of systematically exploiting the most profitable sales channels for your business and for your industry, such as radio, web SEO, social media advertising, etc., in order to win. visibility and market share.

Optimizing your audiences, ad placements, targeting, and sales channels has an immediate impact on your sales and processes. We get maximum revenue for our clients by collecting data and performing in-depth analysis and testing, with the aim of adapting campaigns and management tools for sustained growth.

Our specialty lies in growth, strategy and process automation. We understand how humans interact at each stage of the different life cycles which allows us to mass customize and automate. Your system should work for you!


What our customers say about us

I've had my best season in company history year after year for 3 years now! I sold my snow removal business and thanks to Bofu's marketing know-how, I can focus on my specialty: hydroseeding. Thanks guys!

Pierre-Luc Beaulne, President at Hydro-Pro Seeding