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Google Partners Agency

Structure the growth of your business by establishing a precise strategic plan, allowing you to accelerate its development and generate a rapid and measured return on investment.


The advantages of working with a google partner

As partners, we play a crucial role in introducing new businesses and providing solutions that help them start, sell, market and manage their businesses.

Whether you're an established business or just starting out, Google Ads gives you the tools and resources you need to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and revenue.

Maximize your leads & revenue

Reach more potential customers online with our help. We have the Google Ads skills and expertise to optimize your campaigns and help you achieve the results you expect.

By developing smart online strategies aligned with your business goals, we'll help you maximize your advertising spend.

The fact that we are platform experts will minimize errors in expenses and reduce the time to value for your business. Plus, combined with our Shopify, Wordpress, Klaviyo, and Hubspot expertise, we're able to provide you with complete solutions for CRM, automation, email marketing, SEO, SEM, and more.

Continuous learning at the service of our team

Develop smart online strategies aligned with your business goals. Being Google partners and having obtained certification for Google Ads products, we can help you optimize the performance of your campaigns.

Research Network

Billions of searches are performed on Google every day. Search ads allow potential customers to notice your brand, view your products, and make a purchase.

Display Network

Display ads can help you promote your business to 90% of people around the world when they browse the web, check Gmail, or use mobile apps and devices.

Shopping Network

Sell ​​your products to consumers who are looking for what you offer, whether they are at home, on the go or in your store.

Network Video

Introduce your business to new audiences with engaging video campaigns on YouTube, millions of websites, and mobile devices and apps.

Work with experts

As Google Partners, we have the latest knowledge of Google Ads products, and we are able to set up and deliver effective campaigns.

Take advantage of our strong relationship with Google and our ability to optimize your long-term performance.

Trust the badge!

Google awards the Google Partner and Google Premier Partner badges to companies that master their Google Ads solutions. They also allow us to benefit from the latest training, resources and information regarding their products.


Our Process.

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Our process always begins with a phone call or a virtual or face-to-face meeting. We want to take the time to get to know you and learn more about your business, its needs and its goals.

This will allow us to identify the value we can bring to it.

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A methodical approach to growth.

Structure the growth of your business by establishing a precise strategic plan, allowing you to accelerate the return on investment.

BOFU stands for bottom of the funnel and refers to the most important part of the sales funnel, where your potential customers are ready to convert — buying your products, making an appointment, requesting a quote, etc. Our solutions focus on optimizing this stage of the sale, so that you can obtain a concrete, rapid, measured and quantified return on investment.

What our customers say about us

I've had my best season in company history year after year for 3 years now! I sold my snow removal business and thanks to Bofu's marketing know-how, I can focus on my specialty: hydroseeding. Thanks guys!

Pierre-Luc Beaulne, President at Hydro-Pro Seeding