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Hubspot Sales & the inbound method

HubSpot Sales Hub™

The all-in-one CRM and sales management platform

Removing friction points is one of the biggest challenges B2B and B2C sales teams face. Managing the complexities of internal systems is something HubSpot can help your business by unifying sales and operations.

HubSpot's Sales Hub allows you to optimize business processes by centralizing your tools and data in a single, powerful and easy-to-use platform. Full sales pipelines, custom variables and objects, powerful analytics and reports, everything you need to take your sales to the next level. So you can focus on the most important: your customers and prospects!



Structure the growth of your business by establishing a precise strategic plan, allowing you to accelerate its development and generate a rapid and measured return on investment.

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The Sales Hub includes a full-featured sales CRM, affixed sales interaction tools, quoting & digital signature, reporting and analytics tools, and over 1,090 integrations available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.



Never miss any more opportunities to close lucrative deals. Add transactions with one click, assign tasks and track their progress on your dashboards.


Automate your sales process while personalizing it. Set up a series of personalized follow-up emails and tasks to maintain contact throughout the sales process.


(Conversations 1 to 1)
Save time by turning your best-performing sales emails into templates to share with your team and vice versa. Simply personalize them with the data saved in your CRM before sending them or even automate with tokens!


Eliminate unnecessary communication when scheduling appointments. Share a meeting link to allow your prospects to choose a time slot that suits them and which will be synchronized automatically with your Google calendar or your Office 365 calendar.


Find out when a prospect opens an email to follow up at the most opportune time and close deals faster and more efficiently. You no longer need to make assumptions.


Build lasting relationships and convert your high-value prospects into customers. HubSpot's ABM solution includes intuitive and collaborative tools that foster collaboration between your marketing and sales teams.


Build a library of business content for your team, share documents directly from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, and see what content closes deals.


Connect directly with prospects as they browse your website. Direct live chats to the most relevant sales team members to build better relationships and close more deals.


Give your team direct access to conversation guides and other materials. By enabling her to optimize sales development and speed up the onboarding process, she can close more deals.

Integration, automation and connectivity

Connect your business apps to HubSpot

HubSpot automation helps you effectively extend your marketing and sales reach, build customer loyalty through timely feedback surveys, and accelerate ticket resolution.

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The Hubspot environment

As customer journeys grow in complexity, technology can help businesses deliver a remarkable experience, or hinder them.

Fragmented technology systems result in: the creation of silos between teams, making it difficult to align them. A user experience that lacks fluidity, which lowers the adoption rate

A rigid technological environment, which makes it not very adaptable.
Leverage software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

Customers who combine Marketing Hub and CMS Hub see 183% more inbound lead growth than customers who use Marketing Hub alone.


Free tools and premium subscriptions that support you as you grow. Versions available from:
- 0 CAD /month (free tools)
- 59 CAD /month (Starter)
- 585 CAD /month (Pro)
- 1600 CAD /month (Company)

Let our team guide you in the appropriate package for your needs so as not to generate unnecessary expenses and to maximize your implementation of the platform as well as its adaptation!

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Unlike many software acquisitions, the Sales Hub was designed as an integral part of the HubSpot platform to help businesses grow successfully. It is both very powerful and particularly easy to use. To learn more about the differences, check out the comparison between HubSpot and Salesforce .

Yes. Custom objects, available in the Enterprise version of Sales Hub, give you the flexibility and control to configure your CRM to suit your business needs. Name your objects, determine their properties and decide which other objects can be flexibly associated with them. You can also organize, automate, and report on the data associated with them directly in HubSpot. Additionally, over 1,160 custom integrations are available in the HubSpot App Marketplace so you can connect to your favorite tools with just a few clicks.

The Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub were designed as integral parts of HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform, designed to help businesses grow successfully. When you combine two or more software, your data is automatically connected to the platform in order to allow you to follow more easily and more efficiently the path to purchase of your prospects, from their first visit to your site to their loyalty through the conclusion of transactions.