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Who are we?

At Bofu Agence Marketing, we are specialists in performance digital marketing. Our strength lies in the combination of all digital marketing disciplines in order to create a leverage effect on the turnover of our clients.

We work with SMEs, creative agencies and larger companies locally, nationally and internationally.



Our marketing agency, BOFU, is growing and we are always looking for specialists & partners to join our team!

If you want to accelerate your career, position yourself in a company that prioritizes its people & our common values ​​and benefit from interesting advantages.

We are looking for passionate, proactive and solution-oriented candidates who want to develop their skills and their team within the agency. Your efforts will be rewarded to match your ambitions!

We are a small, growing company. Accelerate your career by positioning yourself now in a company that has the wind in its sails.

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Work-family balance

CONCILIVI certified

Concilivi is a certification that recognizes employers who have implemented best practices in work-family balance (CFT). Certified employers must meet a rigorous set of standards for work flexibility, family support, and work-life balance.

For an employee, choosing a CFT-certified employer can provide many benefits, including the opportunity to work in an environment that encourages work-life balance. Certified employers are often more flexible when it comes to work hours, time off, and family support, which can help employees better manage their time and reduce stress. It can also help improve employee satisfaction and productivity. In sum, choosing a CFT-certified employer can provide a healthier and more balanced work environment for employees.

Our engagement

In our organization, we are proud to have implemented several CFT (work-family balance) measures for our employees. We have identified four essential pillars to support our employees in their quest for work-life balance. We believe that these measures are essential to provide a healthy, happy and balanced work environment for our teams.

Arrangement of time and place of work

First, we offer the possibility of 100% remote working, as well as a flexible work schedule to meet the personal and family needs of our employees. We have also implemented digital task and project management tools to facilitate remote communication and collaboration.

Leave for family responsibilities

Then, we offer family responsibility leave, with personal days that can be fragmented. Our employees start with four weeks of paid vacation, which they can modulate as they wish between the months of December and August.

Support for employees and their families

We also provide support to employees and their families through self-help groups and referral to local promotions or professional resources to help with family logistics. We also offer telemedicine, an employee assistance program and a tailor-made benefits program using the Tedy technology platform.

Organizational adaptability

Finally, we adapt to the needs of our employees by offering paid continuous training, respecting their right to disconnect and offering an adapted career path. We also have flexible meeting times to accommodate our employees' personal schedules and family obligations. All members of our team must take paid training during the year in order to access a defined salary increase scale.

prepare your career

Marketing Internships

Bofu Agence Marketing offers internships for students of different levels, where interns work with digital marketing professionals on projects, gaining valuable skills.

Positions in various fields such as social media marketing, SEO, graphic and/or web design and online advertising are available, vary according to the needs of the agency and the skills of the candidates. Employees work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, with many opportunities for professional growth. Bofu Agence Marketing is an excellent choice for those looking for a dynamic and innovative company for their professional development in digital marketing.