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We install and maintain tracking and synchronization, using advanced marketing technology tools to ensure seamless and effective integration of your digital marketing strategies.

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Tag manager, Search console, Analytics 4 & Google Ads

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The importance of technological tools in marketing is crucial to achieving significant results. These tools allow Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be measured and analyzed dynamically, providing a clear view of campaign performance. They also make it easy to create custom dashboards, allowing marketers to track progress in real time and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Additionally, using these technologies helps target and engage audiences more effectively, using accurate data to understand and respond to consumer needs and preferences. In short, marketing technology tools are essential for informed decision-making, continuous optimization of campaigns, and for building lasting relationships with customers.

Cybermetrics tools price

Technological Tool Price
TAG MANAGER Included in the set price
SEARCH CONSOLE Included in the set price
ANALYTICS 4 Included in the set price
GOOGLE ADS Included in the set price
META BUSINESS MANAGER Included in the set price
EMAIL TOOL CONNECTION Included in the set price
MICROSOFT CLARITY Included in the set price
NINJA REPORTING Included in the set price
GOOGLE LOOKER STUDIO Included in the set price
Existing CRM & OTHER THIRD PARTY TOOLS Included in the set price
Installation price (set) $3,500


41.4% of all websites use cookies in 2023. Insecure and non-HttpOnly cookies are the most prevalent, both at 75.2%. Additionally, session cookies (69.9%) are more common than persistent cookies (55.9%).


Data structure

A good foundation for your ecosystem

Data structure is the vital foundation of any technology ecosystem, especially in marketing. A well-designed data structure ensures the efficient organization and accessibility of information, which is crucial for making informed and timely decisions. It enables precise analysis and interpretation of data, making it easier to identify market trends and consumer behaviors.

A solid data structure is also essential for the smooth integration of different tools and platforms, ensuring smooth management and optimal exploitation of data. In summary, a robust data structure is the foundation upon which the success of a company's technology ecosystem rests, directly influencing its ability to innovate and remain competitive.

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Business manager & pixels

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MS Clarity

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Conversion Tracking

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Posting on the website

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Google Looker Studio

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