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From customer knowledge to launching and scaling Hubspot, Bofu is a HubSpot partner marketing agency that will guide you through best practices in sales, website, advertising, SEO, emails, automation, operations and more. Again!

We work with marketing and sales teams, providing sound advice on the ever-changing technology surrounding these business disciplines. If a client does not have the right expertise in-house, we can take over and ensure project success and, by extension, rapid growth.

CRM - HubSpot Price

Service Price
STARTER implementation $5,000
PRO implementation $12,000
ENTERPRISE implementation $20,000
Connectivity, integration & automation (hourly rate - existing accounts) $150


*Reduction possible when the year of management is paid in advance
*** Price for information purposes only, may vary depending on the project, details will be given in the strategy and the complete analysis of the funnel



- Creation of custom fields and views
- Configuration of transaction phases
- Importing and updating data
- Integrations
- Ongoing CRM optimization and management

- Commercial strategy and audit
- Configuring HubSpot CRM
Installing the Sales Hub
- Alignment of sales and marketing strategies
- Configuration of reporting tools

- Inbound strategy
- Definition of buyer personas
- Development of the profile of buyers
Content strategy
- Technical implementation (configuration and integrations)
- Alignment of sales and marketing strategies
- Configuration of reporting tools

- Creation of a customer journey map
- Installation of HubSpot Services Hub
- Configuration of reporting tools

- Planning and project management
- Analysis and reporting
- Consulting
- Support and training

HUBSPOT sales hub

- Conversations tool configuration
- Configuration of the Calls tool
- Configuration of workflows and automation tools
- Configuring messages for queue rotation
- Reports dashboard configuration
- Analysis of the marketing/sales funnel and the inbound cycle
- Creation and optimization of e-mail templates
- Creation of commercial documents
- Creation and optimization of sequences
- Design of landing pages for sales reps (with the Meetings tool)
- Creation of customer case studies
- Help with prospecting (with the Prospects tool)

- Sales and marketing strategy alignment workshop
- Definition of MQL / SQL
- Definition of the objectives of the marketing and sales teams
- Development of a framework contract
- Transfer of leads and feedback
- Evaluation of commercial content and recommendations

- Training of sales representatives
- Group sales training for representatives
- Training of the sales department
- Creation of commercial guides
- General sales management tasks
- Services for sales development
- Identification of candidates
- Interviews with potential salespeople
- Integration of new employees
- End of contract interviews

HUBSPOT Marketing hub

- Managing a blog
- Publication on social networks
- Creation of advertisements
- Video
- Creation of other content

- Creation of conversion paths - Development of sales on social networks
- Prospecting on social networks
- A/B testing
- Technological tools
- Management of advertising campaigns

- Lead nurturing and automation
Email marketing
- Automating
- Creation of content offers for the middle (mofu) and the bottom of the funnel (bofu)
- Personalized content
- Lead scoring
- Alignment of sales and marketing strategies
- CRM integration / closed loop reporting

HUBSPOT Service hub

- Added communication channels
- Configuration of a shared mailbox and training
- Configuration of a ticket system and training
- Training in chat and the use of a chatbot
- Call tracking

- Creation and implementation of a knowledge base
- Self-service content creation
- Updating the knowledge base

- Configuration of customer listening points (net promoter rate, customer satisfaction survey, etc.)
- Analysis and sharing of key information
- Creation of programs for promoter clients



Structure the growth of your business by establishing a precise strategic plan, allowing you to accelerate its development and generate a rapid and measured return on investment.

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The Hubspot environment

As customer journeys grow in complexity, technology can help businesses deliver a remarkable experience, or hinder them.

Fragmented technology systems result in: the creation of silos between teams, making it difficult to align them. A user experience that lacks fluidity, which lowers the adoption rate

A rigid technological environment, which makes it not very adaptable.
Leverage software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

Integration, automation and connectivity

Connect your business apps to HubSpot

HubSpot automation helps you effectively extend your marketing and sales reach, build customer loyalty through timely feedback surveys, and accelerate ticket resolution.

Explore and learn how to grow better by integrating HubSpot with the 100+ apps and web services you use every day.

Customers who combine Marketing Hub and CMS Hub see 183% more inbound lead growth than customers who use Marketing Hub alone.