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The elements of the BOFU MARKETING AGENCY website (the "current site"), which may include text, images, audio and video clips, software and other elements (the "content"), are provided by BOFU MARKETING AGENCY for information purposes only. By accessing this site or downloading any content, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions specified below (the "terms and conditions"). If you do not accept these terms, you should not access the site or download any content.

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION BOFU MARKETING AGENCY's policy on privacy and security is an integral part of these terms and conditions. We comply with the privacy law.

COOKIES To ensure the proper functioning of this site, we sometimes have to store small data files on our users' equipment. Most major websites do the same. This is used to improve our visitors' experience when they visit our website.

We use:

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Pixel (retention 365 days)
  • Facebook Ads pixel (retention 180 days)
  • Linkedin Insight tag (retention 180 days)
  • Microsoft Clarity (heatmap and action tracking)
  • Shopify:

For ''opt-out'' for CCPA (do not sell my data), visit

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To contact our data protection person, please contact Maxime Sincerny at or (450) 233-6162.


IN CHROME On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click on More Click on More tools - Clear browsing data. At the top of the page, choose a period. To delete everything, select All periods. Check the boxes for "Cookies and site data" and "Images and cache files". Click on Clear data. WHAT IS A COOKIE? A cookie is a small text file that websites save to your computer or mobile device when you view them. It allows these sites to remember your actions and preferences (username, language, font size and other display settings) for a certain period of time, so you don't have to re-enter this information each time you visit these sites or browse from one page to another.

HOW TO CONTROL COOKIES? You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish. For more information, see You have the option to delete all cookies already stored on your computer and configure most browsers to block them. However, in this case, you may need to indicate certain preferences yourself each time you visit a site, and some services and features may not be accessible.


BOFU MARKETING AGENCY strives to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content of this site; however, the content having been compiled by BOFU MARKETING AGENCY from various sources, it is provided to you as is, based on the available elements. BOFU MARKETING AGENCY cannot be held responsible to you or any third party for any errors or omissions of any kind affecting the content or elements related to this site; BOFU MARKETING AGENCY grants, whether to you or third parties, no express or implied warranty on the content or on the elements related to this site, including no warranty of non-infringement, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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BOFU MARKETING AGENCY reserves the right to modify or delete, in whole or in part, any element of the content of this site, at any time and without notice.

Use of this site It is prohibited to transmit, publish, reproduce or disseminate on this site information or elements:

If this constitutes a criminal offense or may result in civil liability, or if it incites the commission of acts that may constitute such an offense or may result in such proceedings; If this information or elements are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights without obtaining permission from the holder of these rights (this prohibition extends to the element derived from the aforementioned information or elements); or If this constitutes a use of this site contrary to the law or to internet etiquette or if it can harm the use of this site or the internet by other users, including by disseminating or transmitting information or software containing viruses or other disruptive elements. COPYRIGHT

All content published on this site or otherwise accessible through it is protected by copyright. The content and copyright in the content belong to or are under the control of BOFU MARKETING AGENCY or its content suppliers and collaborators. You may use or reproduce the information contained in the content for personal, non-commercial or educational purposes only. Any other use, reproduction, distribution, publication or retransmission of the content is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the copyright holder. You must comply with all notices, information and restrictions incorporated in the content, and must not remove them from it.


You agree to hold BOFU MARKETING AGENCY harmless and to cover the full amount of damages, expenses and expenses, reasonable attorney's fees included, related to any violation of these terms and conditions by you or by the users of your account, either in connection with the use of this site or the dissemination or transmission of any information or other elements on this site by you or by the users of your account.

JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW Our company is based in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada, and it is in this jurisdiction that the laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data apply.

CONSENT AND INFORMATION In accordance with Quebec law 25, we seek the explicit consent of our users before any data collection. This approach is reflected in an informative banner concerning cookies and other trackers upon your arrival on our site.

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DATA COLLECTION AND PROCESSING: Data provided via our forms is saved in a secure database hosted by HubSpot. We want to reassure our users: this information will never be transferred or sold to third parties without their prior consent. Any request for data deletion will be processed as soon as possible.

INFRASTRUCTURE AND SECURITY: Our technological choices reflect our commitment to data security:

HubSpot: for CRM and customer data storage. Google Workspace: for internal communications and collaborations. ClickUp: for agile project management. NordPass: for secure management of identifiers and payments. INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS: We reaffirm our commitment not to transfer your personal data outside our borders or within them.

DATA SHARING: The data we collect is not shared with any third parties or subcontractors, unless explicitly requested by the client or if it is relevant to our services.


When we detect or suspect a data breach, an emergency procedure is immediately triggered to assess the situation. Quick measures are taken to intervene and limit any potential damage. If required, affected parties are informed in accordance with current legal regulations.

COMMUNICATION IN CASE OF INCIDENT: In case of a data breach, we undertake to inform the affected users as soon as possible via an email from, under the signature of Maxime Sincerny.

UPDATES AND CHANGES: This policy is subject to changes and was updated on September 1, 2023. We encourage our users to consult it regularly.

MINORS At BOFU Marketing Agency, we are aware of the importance of protecting the privacy and data of minors. As a result, we do not knowingly collect personal information from minors under 14 and we are firmly committed to preventing accidental collection of such data.

All our data collection practices are designed to respect and protect user information, and we place particular emphasis on preventing the collection of minors' data. To reinforce this approach, we have put in place robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or collection. Parents or legal guardians who have concerns or questions about our policy or practices are invited to contact us at any time via our website.

BOFU Marketing Agency values the trust you place in us by sharing your personal information. That's why all our employees and collaborators are trained and sensitized to the best practices of privacy protection and data security.

DO NOT SELL OR SHARE MY INFORMATION As described in our privacy & terms of use policy, we collect information on our websites and, where applicable, on our mobile apps, and share this information with third parties, including advertising partners, to show you ads on other websites that are more relevant to your interests, including ads that promote our products and services and those of other Shopify merchants. We may do this by sharing the personal information we collect when you visit our websites and, if applicable, our mobile apps, and through cookies and similar technologies.

These activities may be considered a "sale" or "sharing" of your personal information under certain US privacy laws. Depending on where you are located, you may have the right to opt out of these activities. If you wish to exercise this right of refusal, please follow the instructions below.

To opt out of the "sale" or "sharing" of your personal information collected using device-based cookies and identifiers, as described above, modify your cookie settings. You will need to renew this choice if you delete cookies from your browser or if you use a different browser or device.

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