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Hubspot Operations & the inbound method

HubSpot Operations Hub™

The platform to unify all the others!

Systems and software sometimes fail to keep pace with business growth, and tend to experience gaps over time. Each team then develops its own processes, data becomes siloed and efficiency decreases over time. For successful growth, operations teams need tools that put them at the heart of business development.

The Operations Hub gives teams of all sizes a unified set of tools to connect applications & ERP (Dynamics, Epicor, Oracle, SAP & +), clean and structure customer data and automate business processes through a centralized CRM platform. The result ? An efficient, aligned and adaptable company capable of delivering a frictionless customer experience.



Structure the growth of your business by establishing a precise strategic plan, allowing you to accelerate its development and generate a rapid and measured return on investment.

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THE BEST MULTIFUNCTION TOOL For operations and synchronization


Programmable automation, synchronization, structuring and data quality tools included, all based on HubSpot's CRM platform. Give your business a unified view of every interaction to deliver frictionless customer experiences.

Integration, automation and connectivity

Connect your business apps to HubSpot

HubSpot automation helps you effectively extend your marketing and sales reach, build customer loyalty through timely feedback surveys, and accelerate ticket resolution.

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The Hubspot environment

As customer journeys grow in complexity, technology can help businesses deliver a remarkable experience, or hinder them.

Fragmented technology systems result in: the creation of silos between teams, making it difficult to align them. A user experience that lacks fluidity, which lowers the adoption rate

A rigid technological environment, which makes it not very adaptable.
Leverage software for marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations.

Customers who combine Marketing Hub and CMS Hub see 183% more inbound lead growth than customers who use Marketing Hub alone.


Free tools and premium subscriptions that support you as you grow. Versions available from:
- 0 CAD /month (free tools)
- 59 CAD /month (Starter)
- 945 CAD /month (Pro)
- 2500 CAD /month (Company)

Let our team guide you in the appropriate package for your needs so as not to generate unnecessary expenses and to maximize your implementation of the platform as well as its adaptation!

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How do Operations Hub integrations differ from other integrations available in the App Marketplace?

Over 600 custom integrations are available in the HubSpot app marketplace. However, the Operations Hub integrations are based on a new data synchronization engine, built on the industry-leading technology of PieSync acquired by HubSpot in 2019. This solution is unique in that it was created by HubSpot and allows real-time bi-directional data synchronization, for continuously synchronized databases. This technology is ideal for guaranteeing database consistency across all of your tools, as historical data, which existed before the software was activated, is synchronized at the same time as the new data created. The solution also allows users to create filters and custom field mappings, giving them complete control.

Right now, that number stands at 61 and includes some of the most popular integrations, like Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, and Mailchimp.

Operations Hub offers two unique automation features: Programmable Automation and Data Quality Automation. With programmable automation, create JavaScript actions directly in your HubSpot workflows to automate even the most advanced business processes. Data quality automation, on the other hand, lets you clean up your data, including capitalizing the first letter of names and correcting date properties, to make it consistent across the enterprise and better personalize the customer experience.

The Operations Hub, Service Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub were designed as integral parts of HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform, designed to help businesses grow successfully. When you combine two or more software, your data is automatically connected to the platform in order to allow you to follow more easily and more efficiently the buying journey of your customers, from their first visit to your site to their loyalty through the conclusion of transactions.

The Operations Hub stands out for its power and flexibility, but also for its integration with the rest of HubSpot's comprehensive CRM platform. With Operations Hub including HubSpot's CRM capabilities and full integration with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub, your team has a centralized view of customer data to transform operations into a strategic pillar of the company.

As each team grows, it tends to invest in its own software, which divides data into silos. Enterprise-wide, this phenomenon leads to information deficits, inefficiencies and disjointed customer experiences, due to the lack of operational alignment between departments. Rather than combining technologies and heterogeneously functioning operational teams, dispersed between marketing, sales and customer service, it is better to invest in a centralized revenue operations solution, which is based on a unified database. The Operations Hub gives you all the tools you need to connect all your applications, synchronize and clean your customer data, and automate business processes, in order to transform operations into a strategic lever, rather than an adjustment variable.