Our impact

At BOFU, we are a committed company that emphasizes transparency and accountability. We seek to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize sustainable value for future generations. The well-being of our employees is a priority, and we strive to create an inclusive and stimulating environment. We are actively involved in the community, especially with young people, because we believe in their potential to change the world.

Our corporate social responsibility is at the heart of our vision at BOFU. We strive to be an exemplary model by supporting social and environmental causes.

our engagement

B² - “Be square”

The slogan "Be Square" at BOFU encapsulates several key principles that guide the company's culture and operations.

Internal Team


- Telemedicine & EAP;

- Flexible week & 100% remote work;

- Flexible benefits with Tedy;

- CFT training & obtaining the CONCILIVI seal.


- Make training more available through an LMS & automate the onboarding of new employees when possible;

- Increase the minimum annual increase by 0.5% annually to keep pace with inflation.

A human agency above all

Our people first

We are proud to put in place CFT (work-family balance) measures to support our employees in their quest for a work-life balance. Our four key pillars include: Workplace & Time Arrangements, Flexible Leave & Vacations, Unparalleled Adaptability, Personalized Benefits and Telus Health for EAP & Telemedicine.

We believe these measures are essential to creating a healthy, happy and balanced work environment for our employees.



- Measurement of the company's total GHG consumption;

- Participation in Shopify's sustainable development fund with a contribution on each product sold to transform our GHG emissions into action to fight global warming;

- Implementation of remote meetings for at least 90% of our meetings with customers in order to aim for a 20% reduction in GHG over the next 5 years.


- Achieve carbon neutrality for the entire company by 2025;

- Set up a decision-making matrix based on several environmental and sustainable development criteria in the choice of our suppliers.

Carbon neutral products

100% carboneutre

The Planet app is the easiest and most efficient way for Shopify's millions of merchants to offer carbon neutral shipping and support the technologies needed to protect the planet.

Unlike other sustainable trade services, Planet focuses on carbon removal rather than offsetting carbon through forest protection. To do this, Shopify partners with high-impact companies like Running Tide and Remora through the Shopify Sustainability Fund to make a real impact on our Earth.



- 0.5% of our profits donated (CIEL);

- Creation of a partner program with local media agencies.


- 1% of the time of our team members in volunteering;

- 1% of our profits donated (CIEL).

educate the generation of tomorrow

Locally committed

The Intervention Collective for a Healthy Online Environment (CIEL) work together to promote healthy lifestyle habits among young people, taking into account both the physical and digital aspects of their health. CIEL aims to improve the relationship between young people and social networks by offering Digital Well-being workshops and sharing scientific knowledge via conferences and social networks. This foundation recognizes the importance of taking into account the digital aspect of young people's health. Their collaboration helps develop holistic, science-based approaches to support healthy lifestyle habits as well as the promotion of positive digital well-being.



- Addition of a statement of social and environmental value in Bofu's legal documents;

- Establishment of democratic and transparent governance where employees are consulted when important decisions are made and where company figures are shared;

- Real-time reports accessible to team members.


- Detailed impact report;

- Code of ethics

- Possibility of access to stock purchases by our members of management.