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Migrate a Google Workspace account off the Wix platform

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Today's digital world offers us a multitude of platforms to manage our business needs. However, sometimes we need to migrate from one solution to another to meet changing needs or to optimize our tools. Among these migrations, transferring a Google Workspace account from the Wix platform is a common process. Whether you're looking for more features, better integration, or simply a change in direction for your business, this guide will help you make this migration with peace of mind.

Go to your Google admin console

Before you begin the migration process, make sure you have full access to your Google Workspace admin console. This is the heart of your professional environment on Google. Log in to the console using the super admin account: https://admin.google.com/ .

Turn off auto-renewal at Wix

To avoid billing complications, it's essential to turn off auto-renewal for your business email on Wix.

Wix offers a detailed procedure for this, which you can find here: Cancel the renewal of your Google Workspace email box.

Contact Wix Support to facilitate the migration

Although the Wix platform is user-friendly, the migration process may require support. Wix support will be your ally in this process.

When you contact them, request that your business email account be transferred to Google Workspace Manager and Wix's reseller registration be removed.

Perform a final check

Once you've completed these actions, return to your Google Workspace admin console to make sure everything is in order. In particular, check whether the subscription has been transferred from Wix to the plan of your choice, such as "business starter".


In conclusion, migrating a Google Workspace account from the Wix platform is an operation which, although technical, can be carried out with care and attention. By following these guidelines and exercising caution, you position your business for a smooth and efficient transition. Never forget the importance of regular backup and, if in doubt, do not hesitate to seek our help!


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