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What are the 5 common mistakes web designers make when creating a business website?

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A website is one of the marketing tools available to a company. You need to impress the audience by creating a good first impression of your business, because this impression will define the actions your customers take towards your brand.

If your website is not well constructed or thought out, you may have noticed that traffic has never really met your expectations, or perhaps you have noticed that the number of visitors has been declining for a time. In either case, you could have fallen into one of the many traps that web designers work to avoid.

In this article, we've compiled 5 common design mistakes that could hinder your website's potential , so you can fix them.

1. Cluttered website

Showing too much information unequivocally leads to confusion. Visitors don't want to spend all the time searching for the information they need on your site. Quickly surface relevant business information. Visitors who can't understand what your site is about within seconds of arriving on your site will leave.

Also, websites with tons of images, text and other design elements take a while to load and they definitely confuse visitors. In short, avoid busy designs like the plague.

2. Imaging Errors

Don't use the same images that everyone in your industry uses on their site. Instead of taking the images that appear in the top results of an image search, dig a little deeper and find something that really fits your brand.

Additionally, low quality images should not be an option! You must also remember to optimize the images used so as not to slow down page loading. For example, charts, infographics, and template edits help the image load faster.

Also keep in mind that a website with a small number of images becomes boring for the people who visit it. It also makes them look like you didn't even bother to decorate and put the necessary elements on the site to make it attractive. This will definitely increase the bounce rate for this reluctance.

3. Color errors

Choosing the right color is very important . If you have an eye for aesthetics, great, but if not you can hire a graphic designer who will do the job for you to perfection.

The right time to decide on the right color for the website should be at the beginning of its design. A website only needs 3 to 4 colors. Also focus on the space around the text on the pages. The words must be noted with the background color, in order to facilitate reading.

A website should not be difficult to read for anyone accessing it, whether in terms of color, font or character. In fact, there are regulations that require you to keep your textual content readable and understandable. To do this, refer to the WCAG 2.1 web accessibility standards.

4. Write for the sake of writing

It's easy to fill your website with content just to have something to say. Instead of writing about anything and everything, it's important that the content on your website, including blog posts and images, is relevant and useful to users.

Therefore, if you want everything on your website to be read by everyone who visits it, hire someone who can write fantastic content. Beautiful and informative writing is the only way to attract and retain the attention of visitors.

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5. Loading speed too slow

If your site is taking too long to load, you need to rethink some design elements. The faster your website loads, the better the experience for your visitors.

First of all, you should consider optimizing the images on your website, especially your homepage. Nothing scares away users faster than a landing page with images and graphics that take too long to load, so reduce your images and optimize your content wherever possible.

Heavy plugins, themes, and modules can also slow down your site loading times. Updating these items to newer versions can help speed things up, especially if you haven't updated them in a while.

Remember to test carefully before going ahead and updating your website live, just in case there are any changes to the way the plugins behave with your site. This way you can make sure nothing was broken after the updates and you can implement the changes after testing everything.


Many website owners have failed to conquer the bases mentioned above, which means they are potentially losing new customers, which could seriously affect their business. If any of these issues sound familiar to you, our team of experts are here to support you and make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

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