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Google My Business: 3 Sections Visible to Everyone on Google

Google My Business (GMB) — formerly known as Google Local and Google Places or Google Mon Entreprise in French — is the platform that manages Google business listings. It allows yours to appear in the local pack, to appear in a number of different results and to manage the display of information in each of them. Note that since May 2022, business listings are also accessible from Google Maps.

This is a platform that every business owner should know and use, as the information you submit in your listing may appear in a variety of ways on the search engine , including the knowledge panel and maps. of geolocation. Are these terms unfamiliar to you? Let's review each of them.


Google's knowledge panel is the information box that appears in the upper right corner of search results (on desktop), or at the top of the page on mobile. It displays essential information about your business such as your address, opening hours, phone number, website , a link to Google Maps directions, important information about your industry and more.


These are the three business listing results that appear below the map when a user performs a localized search.

Google will always show businesses that are directly related to search starting with relevance, distance/geographical region, and top reviews and comments. Your search history can also influence the choices that Google sees fit to show you or not.


Google Maps helps users find nearby businesses and services, display maps and calculate routes.

Depending on the mobile, navigation is done by touch or with the keyboard. On recent smartphones, it is possible to choose between three display modes: map, satellite, and mixed – the latter being a mix between the first two. Also, the Street View function is now available in a mobile version, making it possible to display photos in certain major cities, to create bookmarks on locations and to carry out a more targeted search. For a company, in addition to locating the place, this function also makes it possible to display relevant information such as its telephone number or its website.

It is also possible to search and follow a route. A geolocation function is also available, which works using a GPS chip or a triangulation system using relay antennas (GMS), depending on the phone. However, this function still lacks precision, particularly in rural areas.


Local search is one of the best things that can happen to small businesses around the world because it's an effective way to deliver qualified traffic to your store. Local SEO is essential if you want to improve the local visibility of your store. However, a local SEO strategy is not easy to build . Take a look at Google My Business 2021 statistics to help you create an effective strategy .

84% of all searches focus on discovery

Discovery searches are people searching by categories instead of looking for specific brands. According to Google My Business statistics, published by BrightLocal, 84% of a business's searches are discovery-driven, while only 16% are direct searches. Through these searches, average local businesses are found in 1,009 searches per month.

86% of people view a business location on Google Maps

Google Maps is a living map and one of the most informative location tools today. Consumers use it to find your business location. Once they do, they can choose to see more information about your business by clicking on it, but this result will remain blank if your Google My Business listing is unclaimed. This is why you must claim your location on the platform and ensure that the information on your listing is correct.
Mobile queries centered on the keywords “where to buy” and “near me” have increased by more than 200% in the last two years*

These local SEO stats from Google will resonate more with businesses that depend on local consumers for a large portion of their revenue. The key here is to optimize your website for local SEO through optimization of your Google My Business page. It's important to keep it up to date by updating all your information and making sure your website shows up in local searches and captures those with local intent.

78% of smartphone users visit a business within a day after discovering it through a local Google search

People who perform a local search typically have high purchase intent. Although this stat dates back to 2016, it still proves that GMB listing is essential if you want to attract local shoppers to your store. Even better, 28% of local searches result in purchases.

Source: Brightlocal


Google My Business has become one of the most practical and accessible ways to promote your business in search results on Google — the most used search engine in Canada with an average share of 92%. walk.

To help you take advantage of the platform and optimize your Google My Business account, we have accumulated a number of tips and tricks in The ULTIMATE Guide to Google My Business 2022 to shine the spotlight on your business!


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