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How to identify Google misrepresentation fraud attempts?

Automatic calls

Google does not make unsolicited sales calls from automated systems. However, it may make automatic telephone calls to your establishment for non-commercial purposes; to confirm your business information for Google Maps, make reservations or schedule appointments on behalf of Google users, for example. In some cases, these calls may be made by a natural person.

Autocalls come from a specific set of numbers. When you answer, Assistant indicates the reason for the call and that it is from Google. For example, you may hear this type of message:

  • Good morning. This call comes from Google Maps . Given the current health situation, I simply want to update your schedules. This is an automatic service. Therefore, this call is recorded to improve Google services. Could you tell me your weekly opening hours?
  • Good morning. I help users find open restaurants. This is an automatic service provided by Google . This call is recorded to improve Google services. Is it currently possible to eat on site in your establishment?
  • You will not be asked to register for a service, make a payment, or provide sensitive personal information.
  • Only establishments that make telephone numbers available to the public to receive external calls are likely to receive this type of call. Any establishment that does not wish to receive these calls can indicate this during the call.

Google operators

You may receive calls from Google operators for development purposes, as part of customer service or to help you manage your Google accounts (Google Ads , Google Play or others). However, Google will never ask you for payment information over the phone or guarantee favorable placement in its products.


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