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How to Set a Google Ads Ad Campaign Budget

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Once you have a Google Ads account, one of the first steps in launching your ads is to select a daily budget for each of your campaigns based on the average amount you're willing to spend and your advertising goals.

Because pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works, you always control how much you want to spend. Your budget can be adjusted at any time, as can where and how you spend it, and you only pay if a user clicks on your ad.

Google Ads data and analytics will guide you on ways to improve your strategies and adjust your budget. If you need additional assistance, our agency can help you optimize your ads, improve your results and reduce your advertising costs.

How to set a Google Ads budget

1. Set goals

Start by establishing what you want to accomplish by advertising on Google . Set your expectations for results from your paid ads. By knowing the results you want to achieve, you can decide which goals to spend more of your budget on in order to achieve them.

With the business goals and budget you set, you can design and manage targeted campaigns. This will help you evaluate and decide which ads produced the most results with the budget you selected.

2. Set a monthly limit

When setting your monthly advertising limit on Google Ads , measure your monthly budget and stick to it for a period of time to ensure it has enough time to achieve the results you want. Google Ads allows you to set a daily limit, taken from your monthly budget, in order to display your ads in search results. You may feel like your daily cost is higher than expected on some days, but this is random and depends on search traffic.

You should avoid sudden changes in the middle of the process, as this is when your results are still in development mode. By giving your advertising budget time to analyze initial results, you can better understand the effectiveness of your ads and make changes as needed.

3. Targeting by geolocation

If your advertising goal is to get customers to visit your physical store and you run ads across the province, you will likely spend a large portion of your budget without achieving your goals. It's important to do good targeting so that your ads only appear to people searching close enough to your store so that they will come to you. By optimizing your ads, you'll spend your budget more efficiently and get better results.

4. Specific campaigns

With only one campaign running, your entire Google Ads budget can be spent before customers can even search using a variety of product or service specific keywords that you propose. To avoid this, try creating specific campaigns, based on the sections your website is divided into. This will help you set different budgets for each campaign and distribute your spending according to your priorities.

5. Monitor and adapt

Google Ads can provide several opportunities to attract customers to your business. You can achieve better results by reviewing the data and making adjustments instead of just accepting the results as presented. Monitor your results regularly and adjust your strategies as needed. This will allow you to test what works and make budget adjustments based on the data analyzed.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your business online means taking your business to where your current and potential customers are . In an age where people seem to live online, promoting on Google is definitely a smart choice.

By following these tips, you should be able to get the most out of your budget. If you find that your ads still aren't performing as well as you'd like, contact a Google partner agency like us today!


In order to promote structured growth for your business, it is essential to establish a precise strategic plan that will accelerate its development and generate a rapid and measured return on investment .


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