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The LinkedIn beginner's guide for SMEs 2024

LinkedIn is a professional social network that allows users to create a professional profile, connect with colleagues and professional contacts, find job opportunities, and discover new talent.
LinkedIn is used primarily by professionals and employers, making it an ideal place for B2B companies to generate leads and for employers to recruit qualified talent.

Users can create a professional profile that includes their work experience, education, skills, and achievements. They can also post content, like articles or videos, to show their expertise in a specific area. Users can also search for colleagues, potential employers, and job opportunities using LinkedIn's search features.

An organic LinkedIn strategy involves using the social network to grow your brand and professional relationships , without using paid advertising. There are several ways to implement an organic strategy on LinkedIn, here are some examples:

  • Create a complete and professional profile for you or your business.
  • Share quality content, related to your area of ​​expertise, to show your expertise and attract attention.
  • Participate in focus groups relevant to your industry.
  • Interact with other users by liking, commenting or sharing their content .
  • Use LinkedIn features, like recommendations, to build your credibility.
  • Use LinkedIn features, like Business, to promote your business.

It's important to note that implementing an organic strategy on LinkedIn takes time and persistence to see results. It is therefore important to set achievable goals and monitor them regularly to evaluate the results obtained.

Role in Human Resources and career management

LinkedIn is an effective tool for employers to recruit qualified talent by posting job openings and searching for candidates using search features . Employers can also use LinkedIn to track the progress of their current employees and to identify the most promising employees for career development opportunities. Employees can also use LinkedIn to grow their professional network, find job opportunities, and follow trends in their industry.

Role in a B2B lead generation marketing strategy
B2B companies can use LinkedIn to create targeted ad campaigns based on users' location, industry, job role, and company size. They can also use LinkedIn groups to build a community around their brand and to generate qualified leads. Finally, businesses can use LinkedIn to publish quality content and become a reference in their field to attract prospects.

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LinkedIn offers several paid tools for businesses that want to optimize their presence on the professional social network. The main paid tools of LinkedIn are:

LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn Ads allow businesses to promote their brand, products or services , and job postings to a targeted audience. LinkedIn ads can be targeted based on criteria such as location, industry, role, etc.

Sponsored Content: Sponsored content allows businesses to distribute their content in a targeted manner to a selected professional audience

Sponsored InMail: Sponsored InMails allow businesses to send direct messages to targeted users for greater impact.

LinkedIn Learning: This online training platform offers employees courses to develop their skills by allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Recruiter Lite: This recruitment tool allows companies to manage applications, evaluate them and track them with advanced search functionalities.

Sales Navigator: This sales tool allows businesses to target potential customers, track their activities, and facilitate sales interactions.

It is important to note that these paid tools are designed to help companies achieve their marketing, recruiting or sales objectives on LinkedIn, but it is important to clearly define your objectives and ensure that the tools chosen are suitable to these objectives to maximize the results obtained.

LinkedIn Ads is a LinkedIn advertising tool that allows businesses to create and distribute targeted ads to their professional audience on the social network. Businesses can create advertising campaigns for different objectives, such as lead generation, brand awareness, qualified lead generation, website traffic generation, and user acquisition.

The features that make LinkedIn Ads the most effective B2B lead generation tool on the market are:

  • The ability to target ads based on professional criteria such as industry, position, company size, geographic location, etc.
  • The ability to target specific professionals using prospect lists or prospect-like lists.
  • The ability to display ads in video, carousel, sponsored message, etc. formats.
  • The ability to measure campaign performance using metrics such as click-through rate, cost per click, conversion rate, etc.

There are several types of LinkedIn Ads, including:

  1. Career advertisements: to promote job offers and attract qualified candidates
  2. Content ads: to promote content (articles, videos, etc.) on your website or blog
  3. Brand ads: to promote your brand, products or services
  4. Inquiry ads: to collect information from qualified prospects
  5. Conversion ads: to encourage users to perform a specific action (purchase, registration, etc.).

LinkedIn ads are generally considered more professional and qualitative than ads on other social networks, which allows you to reach a more qualified and engaged audience.

In short, LinkedIn Ads offers very precise professional targeting possibilities, a qualified and engaged audience, varied advertising formats, and powerful measurement tools. All of this makes LinkedIn Ads an ideal tool for B2B businesses to generate qualified leads and convert those leads into customers.

There are several options for targeting audiences with LinkedIn Ads. Here are some examples :

  • Location targeting: You can target users based on their country, region, city, or zip code.
  • Location targeting: You can target users based on their current location or work location.
  • Targeting by career field: You can target users based on their career field, role, or industry.
  • Skills targeting: You can target users based on their professional skills.
  • Group targeting: You can target users based on their membership in professional groups on LinkedIn.
  • Targeting by company: You can target users based on their current or previous employer.
  • Targeting by company size: You can target users based on the size of the company they work for.
  • Seniority targeting: You can target users based on their seniority (for example, executives, mid-level employees, etc.).

It is possible to combine these options to more precisely target users who best match your target audience.

Additionally, LinkedIn Ads lets you create lead lists from conversion data on your website, CRM contacts, email lists, and social media accounts. You can also use lookalike audiences to target users similar to your existing prospects.

It is also possible to use custom audiences based on specific criteria for your business, such as users who visited your website or interacted with your content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads offers a wide range of targeting options to segment your audiences, helping to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns .

Overall costs depend on the chosen advertising strategy and the company's goals. Cost per click (CPC) is generally high, while cost per conversion (CPA) depends on the industry and campaign objective. The cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is also variable and depends on the target and competition for the ads. It is important to note that to achieve effective results on LinkedIn, it is best to work with a well-defined advertising strategy and target users effectively.

A LinkedIn company page is a space on the professional social network LinkedIn which allows companies to present their activity, their products or services, their corporate culture and to communicate with their professional community. LinkedIn Company Pages have several benefits for businesses:

  • Create a complete and professional profile for your business. Include detailed information about your company, such as its mission, products or services, and industries.
  • Share quality content regularly. You can share blog posts, images, videos, infographics, etc. that show your expertise and are relevant to your industry.
  • Use LinkedIn features, like Sponsored Posts, to promote your business to a targeted audience.
  • Use LinkedIn features, like Business, to promote your business to a targeted audience.
  • Use LinkedIn features, like job postings, to recruit new talent for your company.
  • Use LinkedIn features, like analytics, to track your business page's performance and evaluate the results you're getting.

When it comes to human resources, it's important to use LinkedIn to develop professional relationships and to recruit new talent. It is therefore important to have a recruiting strategy in place that uses LinkedIn features, such as job postings, to recruit new talent for your company. It's also important to use LinkedIn's features to develop professional relationships with potential talent for your business .

It is important to note that to maximize the benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page, it is important to build it professionally, update it regularly, and promote it effectively. It is also important to monitor the performance of the business page and measure the results obtained so that you can adjust your strategy if necessary.


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