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SEO and customer reviews ★★★★★

Are your customers satisfied with your goods and services? Ask them to shout it loud and clear from every roof!

What is a customer review?

Customer reviews or customer references are information provided by customers to find out whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with a product or service. This also relates to any general experience they've had with a company. Their opinions are a valuable resource for improving the customer experience and adjusting your actions to their needs.

Why is it important to get reviews from your customers?

Your customer reviews are one of the most important things for your business . They help improve product development, marketing, operations and much more.

Customer references also increase the credibility of your proposition and add notoriety to your business. They attract new customers and create strong ties with your existing customers, making it easier to build a solid entrepreneurial reputation.

However, this aspect is too often neglected by companies. Many businesses could find themselves short on sales or simply not retaining the right type of customer base because they haven't taken the time to listen to their customers. Listening to your customers and applying that information is the best way to move a business forward.

The best option to ensure you fully understand your product or service market is to obtain qualitative and honest customer feedback .

There are 5 main reasons why you would want to collect feedback:

  1. The engagement of your customers;
  2. Understand your customers;
  3. Improvement of your products and/or services;
  4. Obtain testimonials, reviews and references;
  5. Evaluate and improve your services.

How to get reviews from your customers?

Here are some great ways to collect feedback from your customers:

  • ·Call your customers regularly
  • Collect reviews on  Google My Business and on your social networks
  • Collect feedback during your live chat sessions
  • Provide feedback forms
  • Conduct email surveys of new and existing customers
  • Create a comments box on the order confirmation page
  • Create online surveys
  • Offer a gift or prize in exchange for feedback
  • Create a comments area for cart abandonment
  • Ask for feedback at the point of service

If you make sure to properly analyze the dialogue between you and your customers, it can become one of the biggest areas of growth for your business. Let us help you grow your business by collecting optimal feedback from your customers.

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