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The 4 major advantages of a Google My Business listing

Google My Business offers a series of benefits that are important to know about. It helps reach new customers, increase overall visibility of businesses, and ensure that customers can find information as easily and quickly as possible. In other words, the platform greatly contributes to improving the SEO of companies, increasing their notoriety and making their products and services known.

Remember, research goes beyond just discovering new businesses. Often, people search for directions, contact details, busy times, reviews, etc.

1. A chance to appear on listings that you wouldn't otherwise have

Without a Google My Business listing , your business won't appear on Google Maps or locally, and you may end up with an incorrect or sparse knowledge panel.

Google listings help highlight businesses to users when they are displayed. These are eye-catching cards that you can't miss. Some Google local guides will be able to create the business on Google Maps in order to leave a review, but it is important for you to check your essential business information there to ensure the accuracy of the information and to be able to interact with your customers.

2. The ability to collect and display reviews

Using Google My Business allows you to collect consumer reviews and demonstrate the quality of your products or services to potential customers. People are looking for social proof and online reviews have become one of the main methods of influence in 2022. A perfect review attracts attention and that is why it is important to have a strategy in place to persuade your customers. customers to evaluate your service or product. In addition to creating social proof, reviews greatly contribute to the commercial development of companies.

Reviews are a key ranking factor in displaying search results within the local set . This means that most businesses need to get strong trust signals from their customers, in their listing.

Many businesses wonder what to do with a one-star review. The most important thing is to send it quickly by writing to the person who left the notice. If after verification it is indeed a customer and a justified opinion, it is up to your customer service to play.

Otherwise, if it is an unjustified review, for example written by a person who is not a customer, it is always possible to contest the review and try to have it removed from your file. by writing to Google. This often works for unsubstantiated, recently left bad reviews that have no comments, only a rating.

Example of reviews left on a Google My Business listing .

Source: www.google.ca / Hydro Pro Seeding

3. Get insights into your business activity

Google My Business allows you to obtain information about your business activity and this information, in turn, can help you make strategic decisions. This information includes:

The number of views of your profile, photos and posts.
The search queries people use to find your business.

The commitment.
A geographic profile of your immediate audience.
The number of website clicks, phone calls and directions requests, as well as the distribution of your calls during the week.

4. Google My Business is completely FREE!

Google My Business is completely free to use and setting up your business on the platform will cost you nothing. There is no premium option, and you have full access to the tool simply by setting up your page. The platform is accessible to all companies; you can get started right away!

Unlike many tools that have multiple subscription tiers (often including free versions), this tool will give you access to exactly the same features as your competitors, whether they are small local businesses or global chains.


Google My Business has become one of the most practical and accessible ways to promote your business in search results on Google — the most used search engine in Canada with an average share of 92%. walk.

To help you take advantage of the platform and optimize your Google My Business account, we have accumulated a number of tips and tricks in The ULTIMATE Guide to Google My Business 2022 to shine the spotlight on your business!


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