Lexique des termes de marketing web populaires - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

Lexicon of popular web marketing terms

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    A/B testing: A method of comparing two versions of a marketing campaign, website, or product to determine which performs better.

    Audience: The group of people that a marketing campaign or message is intended to reach.

    Branding: The process of creating and promoting a unique name and image for a product or company in the mind of the consumer.

    Call to Action (CTA): A message or button on a website that encourages the viewer to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

    Customer Segmentation: The process of dividing a customer base into smaller groups with similar characteristics, such as age, location, or interests.

    Customer journey: The series of interactions a customer has with a company or brand, from awareness to purchase and post-purchase.

    Conversion rate: The percentage of website visitors who take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

    Cost per acquisition (CPA): cost of acquiring a new customer through a marketing campaign.

    Digital Marketing : Marketing techniques that use the Internet and online platforms to reach and interact with customers.

    Inbound Marketing: a marketing strategy that aims to attract customers through relevant and useful content, rather than disruptive advertising.

    Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Metric used to measure the success of a campaign or marketing objective.

    Marketing automation: Using software to automate repetitive tasks, such as email marketing and social media posting, to increase efficiency and scale.

    Marketing mix: The combination of product, price, promotion, and location (distribution) strategies used to achieve marketing objectives.

    Outbound marketing: Traditional marketing techniques , such as television or radio advertisements, that interrupt the viewer or listener to convey a message.

    Persona: A fictional character created to represent a specific type of customer, based on market research and customer data.

    Return on investment (ROI): A measure of the profitability of a marketing campaign, calculated by dividing the campaign's profits by its costs.

    Return on advertising spend (ROAS): measure of the profitability of a marketing advertising expenditure, calculated by dividing the profits of advertising by its costs.

    Search engine optimization (SEO): The practice of optimizing a website to rank higher on search engine results pages to attract more organic traffic.

    Target market: specific group of consumers for whom a product or service is intended.

    Data analytics: using data to understand and optimize marketing performance .

    Big data: short-term amounts of data, often used in marketing to identify patterns and trends .

    Pay-per-click (PPC): An advertising model in which the advertiser only pays when a user clicks on an ad.

    Marketing funnel: A model that represents the stages of a customer journey, from first contact to purchase.

    Content marketing: marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of quality content to attract and retain target customers.

    Email Marketing : A marketing technique that involves sending emails to a list of customers or prospects to promote a product or service.

    Mobile Marketing: Marketing targeting mobile phone users.

    Affiliate marketing: A marketing model in which a company pays a commission to partners to promote its products or services.

    Online Marketing: Marketing targeting Internet users.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO): Practices to improve visibility and engagement on social media.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Search engine marketing (SEM): A marketing technique that uses search engines to promote a product or service .

    Brand storytelling: content marketing strategy linked to the brand

    Ad targeting: advertising targeting

    Ad copy: advertising text

    Ad placement: advertising placement

    Ad format: advertising format

    Ad printing: advertising printing

    Ad clicks: advertising clicks

    Ad performance: advertising performance

    Ad spend: advertising expenditure

    Ad campaign: advertising campaign

    Ad network: advertising network

    Ad inventory: advertising inventory

    Ad servers: advertising servers

    Ad exchange: advertising marketplace

    Ad blocking: advertising blocker

    Ad fraud: advertising fraud

    Ad viewability: advertising visibility

    Ad verification: advertising verification

    Ad quality: advertising quality

    Ad relevance: advertising relevance

    Ad personalization: advertising personalization

    Affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing

    Attribution modeling: attribution modeling

    Brand awareness: brand awareness

    Brand differentiation: brand differentiation

    Brand equity: brand capital

    Brand image: brand image

    Brand identity: brand identity

    Brand loyalty: brand loyalty

    Brand messaging: brand speech

    Brand positioning: brand positioning

    Brand reputation: brand reputation

    Brand storytelling: brand storytelling

    Brand voice: brand tone

    Content marketing: content marketing

    CPO (Cost-Per-Order): cost per order

    CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): conversion rate optimization

    CPC (Cost-Per-Click): cost per click

    CPL (Cost-Per-Lead): cost per lead

    CPM (Cost-Per-Mille): cost per thousand

    CTR (Click-Through Rate): click-through rate

    Customer acquisition: customer acquisition

    Customer data: customer data

    Customer engagement: customer engagement

    Customer experience: customer experience

    Customer feedback: customer feedback

    Customer journey: customer journey

    Customer lifecycle: customer lifecycle

    Customer loyalty: customer loyalty

    Customer relationship management: customer relationship management

    Customer retention: customer loyalty

    Customer satisfaction: customer satisfaction

    Customer segmentation: customer segmentation

    Customer service: customer service

    DMP (Data Management Platform): data management platform

    CMS: content management platform

    Email marketing: email marketing

    Funnel: funnel

    Influencer campaign: influence campaign

    Influence collaboration: collaboration with influencers

    Influencer content: Influencer content

    Influencer disclosure: influence disclosure

    Influencer ethics: ethics of influence

    Influencer fees: Influencer fees

    Influencer guidelines: influence guidelines

    Influencer marketing automation : influencer marketing automation

    Influencer network: network of influence

    Influencer outreach: making contact with influencers

    Influencing partnership: Influencing partnership

    Influencing performance: Influencing performance

    Influencer platform: influencer platform

    Influencer reputation: influence reputation

    Influencer reach: influence reach

    Influencer tracking: influence tracking

    Landing page: landing page

    Lead conversion: lead conversion

    Lead generation : lead generation

    Lead management: lead management

    Lead nurturing: Lead education

    Lead qualification: qualification of leads

    Lead scoring: Lead quality grading scale

    Marketing analytics: marketing analysis

    Marketing automation : marketing automation

    Marketing budget: marketing budget

    Marketing campaign: marketing campaign

    Web analytics: web analysis

    Web traffic: web traffic

    Web performance: web performance

    Web speed: web speed

    Web security: web security

    Web design: web design

    Web development: web development

    Web content: web content

    Web copywriting: web writing

    Web localization: web localization

    Web accessibility: web accessibility

    Web governance: web governance

    Web marketing: web marketing

    Web advertising: web advertising

    Web branding: web branding

    Web reputation: web reputation

    Web presence: web presence

    Web social media: web social media

    Web search engine: web search engine

    Web SEO: Optimization for web search engines