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Understand your data with Google Analytics

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    Google Analytics is one of our allies at Bofu. This is a web analytics service that provides statistics and analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

    This tool allows us to collect various information about your website visitors and their behavior, in order to help us improve your digital campaigns, generate more traffic on your website, retain your visitors and, of course, increase the profitability of your efforts.

    Google Analytics is divided into four separate reports, communicating relevant and complementary information about your users.

    The 4 distinct reports of Google Analytics

    1. Hearing

    For Google Analytics, an audience is a group or segment of users who demonstrate common characteristics, attributes or experiences such as their gender, country, type of devices used and browsing behavior .

    This report allows us in particular to categorize the visitors of your website into well-defined groups, in order to identify the most relevant for your company and optimize their actions vis-à-vis your products and services. With this data, we can also benchmark your audience against industry data.

    2. Acquisition

    The acquisition report allows us to know the sources and media through which your customers reach your website. We will be able to know how users know your website and through which media or platform they reach it.

    This information helps us understand the effectiveness of the marketing efforts in place and guides us towards optimizing them on an ongoing basis.

    3. Behavior

    Google Analytics provides a lot of information to better understand the behavior of your users when they interact with your site, such as the number of visitors who interact with it, the number of sessions created by these users and what content or pages which they prefer, among others.

    Through this report, we can gain a better understanding of how your users interact with your site, and thus create an interface optimized for them that will further encourage the purchase of your products and services .

    4. Conversion

    The conversion section in Google Analytics tells us the path your customers take on your site, from entering your site to achieving a goal important to the success of your business such as buying a product, taking appointments, registering for a form, etc.

    Once we've set up your goals, we can use this report to better understand how your sales channel is performing and improve it if something goes wrong.

    In conclusion, the more you know about your users, the more you will be equipped to make wise choices regarding your advertising investments and/or in the development of your website .

    At Bofu, we'll help you measure and understand what really matters to your business , to help elevate your business. Contact our team for your exploratory call.


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