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Analyze your digital audiences with Google Tag Manager

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At Bofu, we use the Google Tag Manager tag management system to help us analyze your digital audiences.

Tags are snippets of code that we add to your website pages. They offer us a range of different functions. A great example is the JavaScript code tag which is essential forGoogle Analytics to work properly. This tag allows us to collect the data that Google Analytics needs to provide its reports, among other things. Other tags can extract and send different information to platforms such as Google Ads , Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Linkedin Ads and many others.

Additionally, Google Tag Manager allows us to easily schedule and categorize the actions your customers take on your website. For example, we can detect if someone has filled out your submission form, called you, opened Google Map to find out the direction to your business, added an item to their cart, and more.

In summary, Google Tag Manager allows us to create tailored audiences by analyzing the behavior of visitors to your website , with the aim of serving them specific advertisements and creating optimized conversions. In addition, these tags allow us to create audiences similar to those of your website users, in order to reach new potential customers, thanks to artificial intelligence available on several platforms.

Effective management of your site's tags is crucial for your site's analysis and optimization. Increase the performance of your website thanks to Bofu expertise. Make an appointment now for an exploratory call with our team.


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