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How to Improve Your Google Maps Search Rankings

When a person is looking for a business near their location, they will automatically search on Google, particularly on Google Maps. That's why adopting a local search strategy on Google Maps is a great way to bring potential customers directly to your branch.

Here are some tips to help you improve your Google search rankings, i.e. appear in the first search results.

What is Google Map Pack?

Over the past decade, it has become increasingly important for local business owners to establish and grow their online presence. This is largely because building brand awareness online can quickly increase sales in the offline world.

The Google Map Pack, or Google Map Pack in French, is the term used to describe location-based search results that you may see on a results page that lists local businesses and identifies their location on a map with small location markers. If you want your business to be visible to your potential customers, you need to get a good ranking in the Google map pack.

What factors influence Google Map Pack ranking?

Now that you have an idea of ​​the benefits of Google Map Pack, let's explore the factors that impact your rankings. This will give you possible solutions to rank in the 3-Packs, i.e. the first three search results.

  1. The structure and format of your Google My Business (GMB) page. In setting up your GMB account, define a main category that best represents your business and will have the most impact in your searches.
  2. How close your business is to where users are searching and where they are will impact the results.
  3. The number of reviews and especially the number of positive reviews are very important to gain the trust of Google Maps users.

How to improve your ranking in the Google Map Pack?

1. Start with Google My Business

The first thing to do is to create and configure your GMB account. A GMB profile will give potential customers who are searching for you a quick and easy overview of information about your business like your opening hours, contact details, directions to your store and reviews from your existing customers.

Setting up your Google My Business goes beyond free advertising and getting more search visibility. It’s an effective tool that turns your customers’ attention into action. Indeed, many searchers, especially mobile device users, rely on Google to access credible contact information and use their quick call-to-action buttons.


Google My Business has become one of the most practical and accessible ways to promote your business in search results on Google — the most used search engine in Canada with an average share of 92%. walk.

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2. Verify your address

To verify your business address, you need to complete a GMB inquiry form. After 3-5 days, Google will mail you a verification code. Enter this code into your GMB account.

You can also use the Gmail account you used to sign up for GMB. Once you do this, Google associates your accounts with your business location.

3. Optimize your ads

This involves filling out important details about your business . The information you provide will affect your brand's visibility on search engines.

You will need to complete the following fields:

  • Company Name
  • Category
  • Contact details
  • Pictures
  • Comments
  • Business Quotes

4. Optimize your website

Finally, you must also optimize your website by improving your content, your calls to action, the usability of your site, the compatibility of your site for mobile devices, in short everything to improve the user experience of your customers.

Optimizing your site improves its quality score and your search engine ranking.

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The importance of ranking in Google Maps searches should not be overlooked, especially for established local businesses. As you move forward with your local search strategy, it's important to know that Google results will vary when you check your rankings from different locations. Google will always know where you are and return the most relevant results for your current location.

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