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The impacts of Law 25 on marketing

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With the arrival of Law 25 , companies demonstrate that they respect the protection of the privacy of their customers, which can strengthen customer confidence, but it also brings obstacles in the world of marketing, here are some some examples.

Impact on website visitor targeting

One of the first impacts of Law 25 manifests itself in the targeting of visitors to your website. Businesses are seeing a significant decrease in the size of their audiences. Legislation requires increased transparency around the collection and use of personal data, prompting many users to restrict access to their information. This is why the audiences available for remarketing become more restricted, which increases the time needed to build your audiences.

Impact on data quality

Law 25 also has an impact on the quality of data used by companies. Increased requirements for consent and transparency may lead to a reduction in the volume of data available, but also to an improvement in the quality of the information collected. Companies must ensure that the data collected is consented to in a clear and explicit manner, which could have the impact of improving the accuracy of customer profiles.

On the other hand, the need to collect explicit consent for every aspect of data collection can lead to fragmentation of customer profiles, making it more difficult to create a complete and accurate picture of each user.

Companies must therefore rethink their personalization strategies to adapt to this new regulatory reality while maintaining relevant access to the information necessary for their marketing activities.

Impact on the algorithm

The effect of Law 25 is also felt in the algorithms used in marketing campaigns. Platforms now find it more difficult to measure traffic and conversions comprehensively, reducing the overall amount of data available. This decrease in audience reach directly impacts the effectiveness of algorithms, which rely on big data to provide accurate recommendations and predictions.

In conclusion

Bill 25 strengthens consumer confidence by demonstrating companies' commitment to privacy, and inevitably poses marketing challenges. Marketers as well as businesses must now adjust their practices to maintain the effectiveness of their campaigns while respecting the confidentiality standards established by Law 25.



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