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Pinterest and SEO

When we mention SEO we automatically think of content optimization for search engines, especially Google, but this platform is far from being the only search engine.Pinterest with its 465 million monthly users is also a powerful visual search engine worth exploring.

The Pinterest search engine

Pinterest is a search engine where visuals are very important, while Google is essentially text-based. To use the Pinterest platform, you can search for a keyword in the search bar to see content that interests you.


SEO on Pinterest involves optimizing your content (pins) to improve your visibility in search results.

Like Google, using the right keywords in your captions will help your content reach the right audience, but there are a few tips specifically for Pinterest.

Why use Pinterest for my business?

  • Pinterest traffic is long-term traffic, your target audience can find your pin in several years if it is relevant
  • Traffic on Pinterest increases quickly if you have the right techniques
  • Pinterest SEO brings free, organic and constant traffic

Tips for good SEO on Pinterest

Here are some ways to improve your SEO on your Pinterest account:

  • Perceived quality of your website
  • Quality of the pin (images-videos, formats, etc.)
  • Quality of your account, be active
  • Topic Relevance (match keywords used in your Pin to search intent)
  • Name your tables well
  • Optimize your public profile
  • Add URLs, to encourage users to take action by adding a URL to your Pins that redirects to your site
  • Informative and engaging descriptions should provide relevant information about the content of the Pin. You have to use the right keywords, but don't overload the description with keywords.
  • Measure and adjust, use Pinterest analytics tools to track the performance of your Pins and then be able to adjust your strategy to get better results.

In conclusion

By following the advice in this article, you will be able to improve your SEO on Pinterest and thus increase the visibility of your pins, which can help you attract more traffic to your profile, but also to your website.

Stay active, adjust your strategy based on analytics, and take advantage of the opportunities this visual search engine offers. Contact us if you have more questions.


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