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Klaviyo: The Best Email Software for Online Stores

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When it comes to email marketing, online store owners can benefit from Klaviyo, a platform dedicated to their e-commerce success. Let's explore its benefits together.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a powerful marketing platform that helps e-commerce owners deliver a more personalized experience to their customers , by creating personalized and engaging email campaigns. The platform also allows you to create mass SMS campaigns and personalize each message with powerful automation. Klaviyo also allows you to create multi-channel experiences for your customers and manage everything from a single platform.

Often used with platforms like Shopify, Klaviyo helps business owners create a complete marketing ecosystem, while simplifying and providing simple, automated content management.

5 benefits of Klaviyo

1. Easy to use 

Creating automated email marketing campaigns is a great way to build and maintain relationships with your customers. Klaviyo gives you a powerful, easy-to-use platform, allowing you to communicate with your customers, create highly personalized campaigns and analyze data, all from a single platform.

2. Enable Shopify integration

Integrate your Shopify with Klaviyo and start sending more personal, targeted communications in minutes. Klaviyo enables a more seamless experience, while collecting and storing all relevant data from Shopify. You'll build and maintain better relationships with your customers, deliver more memorable experiences and generate more sales.

3. Enable email personalization and contact segmentation

At the heart of any good marketing campaign is personalization and when it comes to Klaviyo, there are no limits. You can send personalized emails that go beyond "Hi {first name}". You can insert dynamic blocks for order details, cart contents, product recommendations, etc. If you want a section of the email to be visible only to people who meet certain conditions? No problem, you can definitely do that with Klaviyo.

Klaviyo has a predictive analytics feature that can easily help you get the insights you need to segment and target your customers. Besides, you can see your customers' purchases, how much money they spent and the interactions they had with your website and emails.

4. Allows you to automate email sends

Whether it's a one-time promotion, a recurring newsletter or an automated feed. With Klaviyo, you can easily set it up and schedule everything.

Additionally, the platform automatically generates predictions for your customer lifetime value, churn risk, optimal ship time, and personalized product recommendations. Real-time reporting is used to get the most out of your email campaigns, moving each customer down the sales funnel and converting to your products and services.

5. Excellent value for money

What's unique about Klaviyo's pricing is that you only pay for the email contacts and text messages your business needs , so no annual contracts or hidden fees.

You can also create an account for free, where you can import and sync your data and start customizing templates and emails for your business . Klaviyo allows you to send 500 emails and 50 texts to up to 250 contacts before being prompted to upgrade. So you can try before you buy.

But before jumping into the Klaviyo adventure, let's discuss your needs together so we can dive in with you. Book your exploratory call now.