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Google Data Studio (Looker): do more with your data

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Data is critical to digital marketing and optimizing digital efforts. They allow you to create more effective strategies because they provide valuable information about the market, your customers, your competitors and your own business. With this in mind, today we present Google Data Studio or newly renamed: Looker

What is Google Data Studio/Looker?

Google Data Studio is a free business analysis tool that is very useful in the field of digital marketing. It allows creating beautiful customizable, interactive and responsive dashboards. It also offers the ability to create signs from templates, use various charts, maps and tables, apply your brand identity and use other resources, all in a user-friendly way , so everyone can create and understand your reports.

Why use Google Data Studio/Looker?

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to create reports and dashboards, which you can use to analyze, present marketing results and make better decisions. Based on reliable data, it is possible to make more informed choices, plan better strategies and optimize your campaigns.

It is essential to bring together data from different sources and centralize it on a single platform to generate insights and support decisions. This is what the tool offers you. It allows you to have an overview of the performance of your digital marketing across all channels used.

In addition, it is a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution that will save you time in your reports, and no need for specific knowledge in graphic design to create beautiful, effective reports.

Google Data Studio / Looker also offers integration with several other platforms, notably those of the Google suite such as Google Analytics or Google Ads . So it's worth experimenting and seeing what benefits Google Data Studio/Looker can bring to your business.

If you want to save time and create beautiful, understandable reports, Google Data Studio / Looker can be a great partner . Our team will help you take your first steps with the tool. Contact us now for an exploratory call.


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