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Amazon Business: an alternative for SMEs

You probably know Amazon as a buyer, but do you know its penchant for Amazon Business?

Amazon Business offers its users a shopping solution for their registered business of any size. Each company can assign authorized users to enter and purchase items on Amazon on behalf of their employers. The primary administrator can add or remove authorized users as needed, and manage payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows, reporting options and more, based on the needs of the user. 'business.

Amazon Business also offers exclusive price reductions and shipping benefits for its registered business members. Also, account holders enjoy price discounts on multi-unit purchases, general price reductions on millions of commercial products, and the ability to compare prices from multiple sellers. You can even request quantity discounts from some of them.

How does Amazon Business work?

Amazon Business works almost exactly like a standard Amazon account. If you've ever used Amazon to purchase something, you already know the basics of how Amazon Business works.

Once you're logged into your account, when you browse Amazon for items, you'll see deep discounts available only to Amazon Business customers like you.

What about Amazon Business Prime?

Business Prime is a paid membership program for Amazon Business customers who want free shipping on their products, along with other benefits. It improves your procurement experience, with the ability to analyze spending patterns and create policy rules that guide employees to approved products. You can also try the program for free for 30 days.

Do you still have questions or would you like to try the platform? Let us help you. Make an appointment with us.

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