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Best practices for chains, brands and professionals according to Google

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    Channels and brands
    Always be sure to use the same names and categories for all of your locations. This will allow customers to identify them more quickly on Google Maps and in search results.
    All establishments must use the same name, unless it constantly varies from one establishment to another in reality. If they offer the same service, they must also use the same category.

    Name consistency
    All establishments located in the same country must use the same name, but there are two exceptions to this rule:

    1. If you manage multiple types of establishments (sub-brands, multiple departments within a company , or different types of business, such as retail and wholesale), each of them can use a separate name, provided that it is applied to all addresses of this establishment.
    2. If some of your establishments constantly use a different name on their storefront, website , or materials, they can use it.

    Category Consistency
    You must use the same category for all the addresses of your establishment, choosing the most suitable for your type of activity. If you manage multiple types of establishments (sub-brands, multiple departments within a company, or different types of business, such as a retail store, distribution center, and office), this rule does not apply. applies only to each of these subgroups.

    Representation of several brands in the same establishment
    If your establishment represents several brands, do not combine them in the same file. Instead, choose one of them for your listing. If the brands are not associated, you can create a separate file for each of them within an establishment.

    If your company sells the products or services of another brand, use only the name of your company, excluding that of the brand sold since it cannot be the subject of a file for this establishment.

    However, if you're an authorized reseller (sometimes called a "franchise") of the brand whose products or services you exclusively distribute, you can use the underlying brand name when you create your business listing.

    Redesign of the brand image

    If you change the name of your business listing slightly, you may be eligible for rebranding. In other words, you can change your name without having to create another file . This is only valid if you have not changed the services and proper names described in your business name or business category.

    If you have multiple locations and your business name changes, you may also be eligible for rebranding.

    If your business meets the rebranding criteria above, you'll be able to update its name when you edit its information.

    If your establishment changes its name, but does not meet the above criteria, it is considered a new establishment. You'll need to mark the existing business listing as closed, then create a new one with your new business name. Learn how to mark a listing as closed.

    If you have any issues with the rebranding, please contact our team or a member of support at Google. You can also ask questions and get answers from experts through the Google My Business community.

    Tip: To take ownership of a business listing, you must first ask the previous owner to add you as an owner and transfer ownership to you.

    Services within a company, university or institution

    You can create business listings on Google to display services offered to businesses , universities, hospitals, and government institutions. Note that car dealerships and healthcare providers are subject to separate specific guidelines.

    Departments that can accommodate customers and are separate entities from the business should use their own page. The exact name of each service must be different from that of the main establishment and its other services. Typically, these services have their own entrance to greet customers and should use separate categories. Their opening hours are sometimes different from those of the main establishment.

    For each service, the category that best describes its type of activity must be different from that of the main establishment and its other services.

    Independent professionals

    An independent professional is a specialist who can receive the public (usually his own clients). Doctors, dentists, lawyers, financial advisers, insurers and real estate agents can all be independent professionals. Their records of establishment may include a professional title or degree such as doctor, professor, master, etc.

    An independent professional must create their own establishment record if they:

    1. Is in contact with customers. However, administrative staff should not create their own records.
    2. Can be reached directly at the validated address, during the opening hours indicated.

    Professionals should not create multiple business listings to reflect each of their specialties.

    Professional firms

    If the professional is part of a firm bringing together several specialists who welcome clients:

    1. He must create his own establishment record and the firm must create his own.
    2. The title of the professional's record of establishment should only include the name of the professional and not that of the firm.

    Professionals practicing alone and representing a brand

    If the professional is the only one welcoming customers at this address and if he represents a brand, we recommend that he share an establishment file with the company.

    He must create a single sheet in the following format: [brand/company]: [name of professional].

    Illegal activities

    Fraudulent or illegal activity is prohibited on Google. They may result in account suspension and removal of business information from search results.

    Promotions, marketing actions, games and competitions or any other offer must be clearly associated with the conditions of the activity, and be accompanied by precise instructions and terms of participation. Any commitment, whether express or tacit, must be respected.

    Google reserves the right to suspend access to business listings or any other service on the platform for people or businesses that do not comply with these instructions, and to call upon the competent authorities in the event of non-compliance. law.

    If you welcome customers to your premises or provide on-site services, you can create a business listing on Google. To prevent it from being suspended, you must:

    • Avoid using prohibited content.
    • Accurately reflect your business.
    • Respect the rules of this article.

    To help ensure the quality of information available on Google, follow the guidelines for local businesses below. They can help you avoid some common issues (for example, changes made by Google to your business information or, in some cases, even deletion of it).

    To manage your establishment's file as efficiently as possible:

    Make sure that your company is represented as it is in reality and as customers know it, both in terms of your signage, your documents and the elements representative of your brand.

    Verify that your address or service area is correct and accurate.

    Choose as few categories as possible to describe your main activity.

    Each company should only have one record. Otherwise, your information may not display correctly on Google Maps and in search .


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