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Advertising on Google: how does it work?

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    In order to display your ads in the top Google search results, we use the Google Ads advertising platform which allows us to target users on two main networks: the search network (Google Search) and the Google display network ( Google Display).

    Google search network

    The Google search network is one of the largest online advertising platforms. It helps businesses reach customers across the world and grow their business.

    With this network, Google helps you target Internet users based on their keyword search, the country and the type of device they use and then takes care of showing your ads to users interested in your products or services .

    The advertising platform operates on the cost-per-click strategy, which boils down to the amount paid when a visitor clicks on your ad and is redirected to your website. So you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.

    This network operates in the form of auctions. Therefore, click prices are determined by the level of competition on the keywords you want to target, as well as how much your competitors are willing to pay for a click. Please note, however, that it is not necessarily the highest bid that wins. Indeed, in addition to money, Google takes into consideration the level of quality of your website in order to guarantee the best possible experience for users.

    Google Display Network

    The Google Display Network offers advertisers the ability to display their banner ads on websites that are part of the Google network including: Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube. The sites included in this network reach more than 90% of Internet users worldwide! With the latter, you can use targeting to show your ads in specific contexts (like “outdoor lifestyles” or “”), to specific audiences (like “young professionals” or “people buying a new car), in particular places, and much more.

    Your ads will be shown to Internet users who fall within your parameters when they browse the web. For example, the ads you see before watching a video on YouTube or which appear on the sidelines on your favorite news site like La Presse or the Journal de Montréal come from Google's display network.

    Find out more about Google Ads by reading our article on how to optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) or display & video strategy .

    How to follow the conversion of Internet users?

    In order to track the conversion of your advertising campaigns on Google Ads , simply add a conversion tracking pixel, a small snippet of code that must be installed on the pages of your website through Google Tag manager. It is triggered when a user clicks on your Google Ads advertising campaign and then visits your website or a specific page on it.

    For example, if you want to track sales that result from your campaigns, you would place a specific snippet of code on your website's "Thank you for your order" page, which users will only see if they have made a purchase.

    This will allow you to easily analyze the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

    If you want to launch an advertising offensive on Google , our team will be happy to help you with your first steps with these tools so that you can reach your customers everywhere on the web.

    We manage and optimize Google Ads advertising campaigns for all types of businesses. When people use a search engine , we put your ads in front of them at the right time throughout their customer journey.


    Structuring your business growth
    by establishing a precise strategic plan
    , allowing it to accelerate its development
    and generate a return on investment
    quick and measured.


    Learn more about our Google Partner Agency certification here.

    FAQ Google ads agency

    Google Ads is used by a wide variety of businesses, from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. It's especially popular among businesses that sell products or services online because it helps drive targeted traffic to their website and increase conversions.

    When choosing a Google Ads agency, it is important to consider several factors:

    1. Certification: Make sure the agency is Google Partners certified. This ensures that they have the knowledge and skills to manage your campaigns effectively.
    2. Experience: Does the agency have experience in your industry? Do they have case studies or references from satisfied customers?
    3. Services offered: Does the agency offer a full range of services, including auction management, keyword screening, ad writing, landing page optimization, etc. ?
    4. Communication: Does the agency communicate with you regularly and provide detailed reports on the performance of your campaigns?

    The budget for a Google Ads campaign depends on several factors, including your industry, your goals, the competition on your target keywords, and your financial capacity. It is recommended to start with a modest budget and adjust according to the results obtained. You can also check out our guide on how to set a Google Ads ad campaign budget here .

    To work for Google Ads, you must have a good knowledge of the principles of online marketing, advertising campaign management and data analysis. You can start by getting a Google Ads certification, which will allow you to learn the basics of the platform and demonstrate your skills to future employers.

    Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to create paid ads that appear in Google search results and on other Google partner sites. The role of Google Ads is to help businesses reach their target audience, drive traffic to their website, get more leads, and increase sales.

    Does Google Ads pay?

    Yes, Google Ads is a paid service. You pay each time a user clicks on your ad (pay per click or PPC) or each time your ad is displayed (pay per impression).

    Benefits of Google Ads:

    1. Precise targeting: You can target your ads based on various criteria such as keywords, location, user behavior, etc.
    2. Measurability: You can track the performance of your campaigns in real time and adjust your strategy accordingly.
    3. Speed: You can start driving traffic and sales quickly after launching your campaigns.

    Disadvantages of Google Ads:

    1. Competition: Depending on your industry and targeted keywords, costs can add up quickly.
    2. Complexity: Google Ads can be complex to set up and optimize, especially for beginners.

    1. Cost: Small businesses or companies with a limited budget may find the costs associated with Google Ads to be too high.
    2. Lack of knowledge and expertise: Some businesses may lack the skills or resources to effectively manage their Google Ads campaigns.
    3. Bad past experiences: Some companies may have had bad experiences with Google Ads in the past, such as spending a lot of money without seeing meaningful results.

    Google Ads and Facebook Ads are two different advertising platforms that offer unique benefits. Google Ads allows users to be targeted based on their Google searches, while Facebook Ads allows users to be targeted based on their Facebook interactions and demographics. Google Ads is generally better at reaching users who are actively searching for your products or services, while Facebook Ads is better at building brand awareness and reaching a wider audience.