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SEO Common Mistakes

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Managing a website effectively goes well beyond its aesthetic appearance and content. One of the crucial facets, often overlooked, is monitoring for errors that could impact natural search engine optimization ( SEO ). These errors can have an influence on the visibility of your site. Here are some of these common mistakes to watch out for.

Broken internal images

A broken internal image is one that cannot be displayed either because it no longer exists, its URL is misspelled, or because its path is invalid.

They can compromise rankings because they harm the user experience and signal to search engines that the page is of low quality.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Duplicate Meta descriptions are a missed opportunity to use relevant keywords.

Also, they make it difficult for search engines to distinguish between different pages.

Images without alt attribute

Alt attributes are used by search engines to understand the content of images. If your images don't have attributes, you may not rank well in search results, but it also impacts user experience.

Unminified Javascript and CSS files

Minimization = elimination of unnecessary lines, spaces and comments from the source code which reduces the loading time of a page and provides a better user experience.

Outgoing internal links contain a nofollow attribute

Nofollow links tell browsers not to follow the link.

It is not recommended to use nofollow in your links, you must let the links flow.

Untitled pages h1

H1 headings are important because they help define what your page is about to search engines and users. If you do not have an H1 beacon, the engines may position you less well.

Missing Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions do not have a direct influence on the ranking of a page, however, they are used by search engines to display the description of your page in search results. A good description lets users know what your page is about (more interest in clicking).

Duplicate content

Web pages that contain 85% identical content are considered duplicates. Having duplicates can affect your SEO performance because Google will only display one page and exclude others from its indexing.

Additionally, search engines may view duplicates as an attempt to manipulate rankings (your site could result in being banned from search results).

Search engine optimization is not limited to keyword strategies, but also includes the careful correction of technical details. From broken images to missing Meta descriptions, every overlooked element can contribute to a drop in your rankings. Not only can you improve the visibility of your site, but you will also provide a smoother user experience. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us !


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