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Online Advertising: Web Marketing Strategy 101

To have a successful online advertising campaign , it is important to explore all the possibilities within your reach. From organic referencing (SEO) to scheduled advertising, it is entirely beneficial for a company wishing to increase its visibility to develop a strategic paid online marketing component , perfectly complementing a more global approach.

Here are the main strategies to favor in order to develop your business, improve your reputation and increase your company's customer base.

Strategies for B2B Lead Generation

Are your company's activities aimed at the commercial sector? Are you looking to develop your customer base and increase your sales? B2B ( business to business ) lead generation strategies are therefore aimed at you. Here is everything you need to know about this approach to optimize your online advertisements!

Advertising platforms : LinkedIn Ads , Google Ads (Search & Display), Facebook Ads .

Objectives : Attract qualified prospects for businesses operating in a B2B environment with the goal of generating highly targeted leads likely to become future customers.

Examples of strategies :

  1. White Paper Download Campaigns : Offer informative and relevant white papers ( ebooks ) to industry professionals, in exchange for their contact details (often email addresses). These targeted campaigns have the advantage of attracting prospects who are already interested in the content and type of services offered by the company.
  2. Webinars : Organize webinars on current topics or industry-specific issues, and promote these events through targeted advertising. Participants are then considered interesting potential prospects since they already demonstrate a clear interest in the type of service or product you offer.
  3. Remarketing advertising : A strategy of targeting website visitors who have expressed interest in specific services or products. These ads aim to remind prospects of your business, while encouraging them to continue their purchasing journey.

Strategies for generating consumer leads

Generating new consumer ( B2C ) leads involves a similar approach to that used in B2B lead research . Indeed, the main idea remains the same: recruit new potential customers, based on your target audience , in order to optimize your company's business.

Advertising platforms : Google Ads (Search / Display), Facebook Ads , Instagram Ads .

Objectives : Target consumers who may be interested in what your business can offer, generate interest among this potential customer base, collect contact information, and aim for greater lead generation .

Examples of advertising strategies :

  1. Special offer advertisements : Offer attractive promotional offers, such as discounts, free trials or gifts, in order to encourage consumers to subscribe to the newsletter or create an account on your website.
  2. Lead generation campaigns : Use capture forms to collect contact information from consumers interested in the company's products or services.
  3. Remarketing advertising: Identify visitors who viewed specific products on the company's website, but did not complete their purchase, in order to plan a personalized advertising approach for these people. These advertisements help remind consumers of the products they viewed, thus encouraging them to return to the site to complete the purchase or discover other products and services offered by your company.

Strategies for e-commerce businesses

E-commerce businesses style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;" data-mce-fragment="1"> are no exception to the rule. In order to grow your company's business to its full potential, it is necessary to generate new, quality leads.

Advertising platforms : Google Ads (search network & Shopping Ads ), Facebook Ads , Instagram Ads .

Objectives : Increase their online sales, attract qualified visitors and increase conversions on the website of e-commerce companies .

Examples of strategic advertising campaigns :

  1. Advertising Shopping Ads : Highlight products with images, prices and descriptions directly in Google search results , making the purchasing decision easier for users.
  2. Special offer advertisements : Offer time-limited promotional offers aimed at encouraging consumers to make an immediate purchase.
  3. Remarketing advertising : Put forward online advertising campaigns for visitors who have viewed a product on the website without ultimately purchasing it. These digital ads have the power to increase the conversion rate, by targeting potential customers who are already interested in your business offering.

Brand Awareness Strategies

The search for new customers is also done through a strong, precise and credible brand image in the eyes of consumers and other companies. To achieve this, a range of strategies can be put forward. By adapting, of course, your approach according to your target audience and their needs.

Advertising platforms : Facebook Ads , YouTube Ads , as well as the Google Ads Display Network .

Objectives : This approach aims to build brand awareness and reach a wider audience with the intention of increasing the visibility and reputation of your business.

Examples of awareness strategies :

  1. Engaging video ads : Create captivating video ads to tell the brand's story, highlight its values ​​and evoke emotion.
  2. Display campaigns on relevant websites : Distribute display advertisements on websites frequented by the target audience, to increase the visibility of the brand among users who may be interested in its products or services.
  3. Sponsorship advertising ( sponsorship ) : Supporting events or causes linked to brand values, and promoting this commitment through sponsored advertisements. This helps reinforce the positive image of the brand and establish a relationship of trust with consumers.

By applying the TOFU, MOFU, BOFU methodology (top of the sales funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel) and using the appropriate advertising platforms for each strategy, companies can optimize the strategic aspect of their online marketing , maximize their return on investment and achieve their objectives in an efficient and targeted manner.


To conclude, a successful online advertising campaign relies on a judicious combination of strategies adapted to each stage of the customer journey. Whether for B2B or B2C businesses, including e-commerce businesses, using various advertising platforms like Google Ads , Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Instagram Ads is crucial.

By implementing targeted campaigns such as white paper downloads, webinars, special offer advertisements, and remarketing strategies, businesses can attract qualified leads, build brand awareness, and ultimately, increase their revenue. sales and their presence on the market.

Adopting a strategic approach to online marketing , by aligning objectives with TOFU, MOFU, BOFU methodologies, not only maximizes return on investment, but also builds a lasting and trusting relationship with customers.



To increase marketing effectiveness, Bofu should conduct a comprehensive audit of its SEO, SEM, and SMM strategies, focusing on competitive analysis and setting clear objectives.

An SEO content strategy and targeted SEM campaigns are crucial, as is tailoring social media efforts according to audience preferences. With rigorous monitoring and constant adjustments, Bofu can improve its online presence and ROI.