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Maximize your delivery strategy: choose the ideal platform for your restaurant

The digital age has transformed the way restaurants interact with their customers, particularly through delivery platforms. Here's a guide to choosing the right platform and maximizing your delivery strategy.

Choice of Delivery Platforms

It is crucial to understand the various platforms like Uber Eats, Skip, DoorDash, each having its own particularities. Factors to consider include fees, geographic reach, and customer type. A detailed analysis will help you choose the most suitable platform for your needs.

Benefits of Software Integration

Integrating order management software, such as UEat, automate processes and reduce errors. These systems offer intuitive user interfaces that enhance the customer experience with fast ordering and accurate delivery estimates.

Improved Customer Experience

Efficient software integration improves ordering speed and accuracy, and enables seamless communication with customers, including real-time notifications and menu customization options.

Data Analysis and Marketing

Delivery platforms generate valuable data on customer habits. Analyzing this data helps optimize menus and target marketing efforts, revealing seasonal trends and specific preferences.

Management of Reviews and Online Reputation

Reviews on these platforms are crucial for online reputation. Actively managing these reviews and maintaining a positive image is essential to attracting and retaining customers.

Technological Solutions for Diversification

Technologies make it possible to diversify services, such as contactless delivery options or the development of mobile applications, opening new revenue avenues.

Comparison of Delivery Platforms

Uber Eats

  • Fees : Commission on each order, variable depending on the region.
  • Advantages : Wide reach, integration with Uber, increased visibility, large customer database.


  • Fees : Similar to Uber Eats, vary by agreement.
  • Advantages : Flexible partnerships, good visibility, promotional tools, direct delivery services.


  • Fees : Similar to Uber Eats and DoorDash, vary by agreement.
  • Advantages : Popular in Canada, marketing tools, performance reports.

Key Differences

  • Geographic Presence : Uber Eats is global, DoorDash is strong in the United States, SkipTheDishes dominates in Canada.
  • Pricing and Fees : Variations by region and agreements.
  • Ancillary Services : DoorDash offers community initiatives, Uber Eats benefits from its relationship with Uber, and SkipTheDishes focuses on the Canadian market.


Choosing the right delivery platform is a crucial element for a restaurant's success in the digital age. By taking into account the specific characteristics of each platform and integrating appropriate technological solutions, restaurants can not only improve the customer experience but also optimize their delivery strategy for maximum efficiency.



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