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Facebook Ads (Meta Ads): introductory guide

An important online advertising platform, Facebook Ads must be considered when implementing your overall marketing strategy. Depending on your target audience and goals, several specific benefits can accrue from using this advertising channel.

Introduction to Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads , Facebook's advertising platform , is indeed a powerful tool for reaching and engaging audiences on a global scale. Its sophisticated targeting options and the various advertising formats found there allow businesses, among other things, to create personalized and results-oriented campaigns.

In particular, it is possible to use Facebook Ads as a short-term advertising channel as part of a remarketing objective . When audiences are large enough and convert well, the platform allows you to expand the acquisition of new prospects by prioritizing buyer profiles similar to those of current customers. In other words, the opportunities for Facebook advertising are numerous and adapt well to the marketing needs of the majority of businesses.

Types of Facebook Ads

To meet the specific needs of each advertiser, Facebook's online advertising platform offers a varied range of different advertising formats . Here are the main types of advertisements that you can create to promote your business on the popular social network.

  • Facebook Image Advertising : Use your organic content to create engaging visual ads. By combining texts and images, it is possible to obtain an effective advertising format.
  • Video advertising : Take advantage of the impact of more interactive content to highlight your products and services. Thanks to a well-constructed video ad, it is entirely realistic to aim for a good engagement rate from visitors. Tools are even available on the platform to help you create a video that will be effective from a marketing perspective.
  • Carousel format : By choosing to present a series of images and/or videos within the same advertisement, you have the advantage of being able to either tell a sequential story, show a process, or even introduce several products of the same collection for example. Note that each photo/video can contain its own link, for a maximum of 10 in total.
  • Collection format : Focused on conversion, this type of advertising is ideal for stores promoting products online . It allows Internet users showing interest to be redirected to a dynamic page allowing fluid interaction and encouraging purchase. This advertising format is often combined with Instant Experiences offered by Facebook Ads .
  • Facebook Instant Experiences : Specially intended for mobile devices, this type of advertising format offers Internet users an immersive experience to capture their attention even more, while targeting maximum conversion.
  • Lead advertisements : Ideal for collecting relevant information about your potential customers, this type of fully customizable advertising allows you to integrate questions to better identify and better reach your target audience.
  • Product catalog advertisements : Adapted for e-commerce, they allow companies to show entire catalogs through an advertisement broadcast on Facebook .
  • Job postings : Highlight your brand by positioning yourself as an engaged employer, and at the same time attract the best talent to your company by promoting job postings via Facebook Ads style="font- weight: 400;">.

Audience targeting for your Facebook ads

For successful online advertising , it is necessary to ensure good advertising targeting , representing your needs and your reality. Facebook audience targeting is no exception and therefore requires special attention to ensure optimal advertising placement on this renowned platform.

Several criteria can therefore be taken into account when creating your audience :

    • demographic targeting ;
    • interest targeting ;
    • behavioral targeting ;
    • targeting by geographic location .

Depending on the characteristics of your target audience, it is possible to personalize your Facebook ad . You can also orient your advertising strategy by targeting either customers who have already expressed interest in your brand (remarketing), an audience similar to your current customers or even try to seek out new prospects.

Conversion tracking and results analysis with Facebook Ads

As with any good advertising campaign, monitoring the performance (KPIs) of each ad is essential in order to leave room for adaptations during the campaign, thus ensuring a more profitable return on investment (ROI). . To do this, the platform has a powerful tool: Pixel Meta . Formerly known as Facebook Pixel , this code allows you to effectively track Internet users' interactions with your advertisements, and the impact of these in relation to your marketing objectives.

Facebook advertising via Meta manager or Boost function?

There are essentially two origins to a Facebook ad . Either it is created from scratch from the advertising manager ( Meta Business Manager ), or it comes from the promotion ( Boost ) of an organic publication originally.

  • Meta Ads Manager : This option allows full control over the type of ad created, format, targeted audience, as well as many other more advanced features.
  • Highlighting a publication ( Boos t function): You have published something on Facebook (organically) and you want to quickly increase the visibility of this publication? Highlighting (“ boosting ”) this original post then becomes a quick and simple solution for your situation.

Although the Boost feature has some advantages, and is an interesting option in some cases, going through Meta Ads Manager will further open the doors to more personalized and better targeted ads based on marketing needs of your business.

Situation of Facebook Ads campaigns in the strategic marketing funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU)

To help you optimize your next advertising campaign, let's take a look at each level of the sales funnel here in order to relate them to your Facebook Ads advertising strategies .

TOFU : At the top of the strategic funnel is awareness . At this stage, the goal is primarily to attract new potential customers. Here we can broadcast announcements to a wide audience, who do not necessarily have immediate needs. The main goal is above all to make your brand, your products and your services known.

Example : Using an engaging Facebook video ad that showcases your brand and captures the imagination so people can remember you in the future when a need for your company's offering arises.

MOFU : In the middle of this marketing funnel, two words are worth remembering: consideration and engagement . This step aims to reach an audience that is already familiar with your brand. We seek here to present them with advertising highlighting products and services that will really meet their needs. Thus encouraging them to take action.

Example : The carousel advertising format has a great advantage here. Among other things, it allows you to show a complete range of relevant products, including links leading to your online store.

BOFU : Ultimately, the main objective of this sales funnel is to focus on customer conversion and loyalty . The chosen advertisements must therefore be well constructed in order to effectively reach your target audience and get them to interact with your brand .

Example : Using the principle of remarketing, broadcasts of special offers and discount codes targeted for abandoned carts can prove to be good strategies.

General best practices for Facebook Ads

Although each advertising campaign is different, there are some general strategies that are recognized as best practices to put forward when thinking about advertising online via Facebook.

  1. A/B testing : Constant use of A/B testing allows you to better optimize your Facebook campaigns by testing different versions of the same ad and allowing you to put forward the one that will be the most effective.
  2. Pixel Meta : By integrating this tracking code , you will be able to have better control over your advertising strategies as well as their performance.
  3. Segmentation : Personalizing each of your advertisements according to different audiences and their particularities represents a good practice to maximize your chances of success.
  4. Monitoring and Adjustment : Over time, it is completely normal for data to change. By properly monitoring fluctuations in the performance of your advertisements, you will be able to adapt your advertising campaigns to ensure that they always remain aligned with your objectives, while being effective!

Why work with an agency for your Facebook ads?

Choosing to work with an agency specializing in Facebook advertising can provide expertise that goes well beyond basic knowledge. With a deep understanding of the different parameters, algorithms, and targeting strategies, an agency can help you better refine your campaigns in order to maximize the return on each dollar invested. Collaborating with an agency also provides access to advanced tools and technologies, as well as a dedicated team that constantly monitors and optimizes your campaigns, accelerating the growth of your business. At Bofu , all these points are at the heart of the mission of our marketing agency.


In short, by integrating Facebook Ads into your advertising strategy, and sufficiently exploiting the full potential of different audience types and other features, it is possible to create highly targeted and effective campaigns . Best practices, combined with the expertise of an agency and the versatility of the Meta platform , can certainly transform Facebook Ads into a powerful tool to maximize return on investment (ROI) and ultimately propel your business to new heights.



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