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5 digital marketing tactics for local businesses

Let's take a look at 5 digital marketing methods that will help your local business grow quickly and stand out from competitors.

Target your consumers

If you're not digitally savvy, traditional marketing may seem simpler for your local business. However, this type of tactic is often the equivalent of throwing a bottle into the sea. With digital marketing , you can easily target and reach your customers and prospects, no matter where they end up on the web. Thus, your advertisements are addressed directly to your customers, which generates a rapid and interesting return on investment .

People generally ignore ads, but say they benefit from ads that speak directly to them and their needs. By knowing your customers, you know what they are looking for, but above all, you know where to find them and how to direct your advertising messages in order to make them convert. This is why it is important to create audience profiles or “buyer personas”, which present a clear portrait of your customers and, obviously, your potential consumers.

Creating and using buyer personas helps your business stay focused on the needs of your customer base. This is when your consumers will be open to exploring your offerings.

Expand and grow your reach

With digital technology, it has never been easier to stay in touch with your customers and communicate with them through various channels such as email newsletters or publications on social networks, among others.

It is important for you to be active where your customers are in order to deliver what they need, when they need it. On the other hand, this implies that you must be active on these platforms and remain so. Opening a Facebook page is good, but if you don't engage in conversation with your customers or if you don't update it, your page has no added value and may even give incorrect information. If you know that content creation is not your strong suit, we suggest focusing your efforts on a specific platform or hiring an internal or external resource.

Be relevant and engaging

A good way to drive more traffic to your business — online or in person — is by creating relevant content that your customers will want to interact with. Businesses rely on their followers to share, recommend, post or comment on their content . For example, writing a blog represents a conversion opportunity for a website. In addition to publishing thoughtful and useful content for your customers, your blog can be used to convert your readers into leads and then paying customers. On social networks, the use of competitions also allows you to generate engagement, and even significant virality, allowing you to attract new prospects.

However, having popular and highly visited online content pages is one thing, but monetizing them is another. Make sure you're always optimizing your online efforts so that they ultimately pay off for you.

Analyze, analyze, analyze

In football, if a play doesn't work, will the coach want to repeat it or will he opt for a new strategy? The same goes for your marketing efforts. After an advertising campaign or any other marketing action, take a closer look at your good and bad moves in order to optimize your future tactics. This is essential in order to find strategies adapted to your needs and your customers.

You can find many data analysis software on the internet, which gives you the details of your campaign once it is completed. If you deal with a marketing agency , the latter will also be able to provide you with simple and understandable reports.

Have a conversion-focused website

Every business, regardless of size, should focus on creating a strong website focused on converting visitors into customers.

When creating a website , the focus is often on aesthetics and generating traffic, in the hope that this will lead to conversions — purchasing products, making an appointment, requesting a quote. , etc. Getting users to your site is one thing, but getting them to take action is another. No matter what type of digital marketing tactic you want to apply, make sure your website is fully prepared to convert your visitors.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Know in advance where you want to place your call to action (CTA) button.
  • Do some testing to see if all your links work.
  • Make your site as user-friendly as possible so that your visitors can easily access everything.
  • Opt for a simple design that doesn't overwhelm your visitors.
  • Don’t ignore the importance of color selection, as color psychology plays a key role in branding and improving conversions.
  • Communicate the value of your product or service well.

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Remember that marketing is not an exact science. It’s made of testing and trial and error. Now that you have a handful of small business digital marketing tactics up your sleeve, you can get to work implementing them.

Don't be afraid to try new approaches since applying these growth strategies can do wonders and establish you as a top business brand.

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To increase marketing effectiveness, Bofu should conduct a comprehensive audit of its SEO, SEM, and SMM strategies, focusing on competitive analysis and setting clear objectives.

An SEO content strategy and targeted SEM campaigns are crucial, as is tailoring social media efforts according to audience preferences. With rigorous monitoring and constant adjustments, Bofu can improve its online presence and ROI.