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SEO optimization on Amazon

Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your product listings to help them rank better in product searches on this platform. There are a few strategies to improve product search listings, drive sales, and help shoppers find your brand. Here are the secrets of SEO on Amazon!

What is the Amazon SERP?

SERP is the abbreviation for “search engine results page” .

The Amazon SERP shows results to buyers after they perform a product search. To improve product ranking on the SERP, you need to optimize your Amazon products.

How does Amazon SEO work?

You need to do SEO on Amazon to: increase traffic to product listings, increase product and brand visibility and increase conversion rates.

SEO impacts several different places on the platform:

  1. Bestsellers
  2. New arrivals
  3. Featured Articles
  4. Customer reviews
  5. The news
  6. High or low price
  7. Programs and Features (Subscribe & Save, Small & Medium Business, etc.)
  • Search results page: elements to consider in your SEO strategy in this section are: product titles, product descriptions, optimized images, product features, competitive prices.
  • Sales Rank: Amazon assigns all sellers a rating based on seller performance, including account well-being, feedback, product price, and other factors.

Important elements to optimize

Keywords : you have to find the right keywords that Internet users are looking for when they search online, but you also have to look at their search volumes. There are two types of keywords:

- Long-tail keywords which are specific keywords that generally have low search volume, low competition and can have a higher conversion rate because the customer knows exactly what they are looking for.

- Short-tail keywords which are broader searches that generally have high search volume and high competition. Their conversion rate may be lower because the customer is looking for different options.

Product images : Images help customers visually evaluate and compare key features at a glance. Multiple images allow them to view the product from different angles and can have an immense impact on a customer's decision to choose one search result over another.

The titles of your products: You must capture the attention of a buyer in just a few seconds. The product title (product name) is therefore one of the main fields used by Amazon and search engines to measure the relevance of a page in customer search. It must be relevant and short.

Product descriptions: Your descriptions should contain detailed information about the features and uses of your products to help customers find, evaluate and purchase the products. You can also highlight specific product information not found elsewhere in the listing.

Best practices according to Amazon

Amazon suggests that you:

  • Do not repeat the same keywords too many times
  • Your text must be constructed for the client
  • Help improve your ranking.
  • Use the following basic style tips for lists: Be descriptive, but clear and concise

In summary

SEO on Amazon is essential to increase your visibility, increase your sales, establish your credibility in addition to understanding the market . A good SEO strategy can provide a significant competitive advantage to sellers and brands on the Amazon platform . Request a free exploratory call now with our partner web marketing agency Amazon Ads.


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