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Why are my website sales slowing down?

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    When building a website, most of the time the focus is on driving traffic to the site in hopes that this traffic will turn into conversions — buying products, making appointments, asking quotes, etc. But that's only half the battle.

    Getting users to your site is one thing, but getting them to take action is another. The crux of the matter lies in conversion. That's why you need to have a conversion rate optimization (CRO) plan in place to collect the data you need to continually improve your site's conversion rates.

    What is CRO?

    The CRO stands for conversion rate optimization or in French: conversion rate optimization. It consists of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website . Desired actions may include purchasing a product, clicking "add to cart", registering for a service, filling out a form, or clicking a link.

    Think of CRO as the process of trying to understand what motivates, stops and persuades your users on your website, with the goal of giving them the best possible user experience to ultimately convert them and improve your site's conversion rate. .

    Focusing on the final action—conversion—is obviously important, but in reality, a lot happens before that point. Indeed, it is important to remember the path taken by your users and how they got to each step .

    Specific INCENTIVES bring people to your website.Ask yourself what brought visitors to your site?

    Specific OBSTACLES make them leave. Ask yourself when and why visitors leave your site?

    Defined HOOKS persuade them to convert. Ask yourself what persuaded your users to take action and convert?

    When the time comes to work on improving your conversion rate, the answers to your questions are not always quantifiable, supported by concrete figures and with a clear answer. Sometimes there's an obvious bug that's preventing your users from converting, but other times your website is working just fine, but the conversions aren't happening. When this happens, you'll have to dig deeper and look for the why beyond the data you have — you'll have to, in other words, focus on understanding your users.

    Where to implement a CRO strategy

    Here are the first four places on your site where you should implement a CRO strategy.

    1. Home page

    Home pages are prime candidates for a CRO strategy. In addition to making a first impression on your visitors, the home page is an opportunity to retain these visitors and guide them further into your site. Do this by emphasizing links that direct visitors to your products and services , such as offering a free sign-up button or even incorporating a chatbot which solicits questions from visitors at any point during their browsing experience.

    2. Price page

    A website's pricing page can be the deciding point for many visitors. CRO can help a pricing page convert visitors into customers by changing pricing intervals (e.g. price per year or price per month), briefly describing the product features associated with each price, adding a phone so visitors can call or by adding a simple pop-up form.

    3. Blog

    A blog represents a conversion opportunity for a website. In addition to publishing thoughtful and useful content about your industry, your blog can be used to convert your readers into leads. To do this, add calls to action (CTA) throughout an article or invite your readers to learn more by submitting their email address in exchange for an ebook , for example.

    4. Landing page

    Landing pages are designed to get users to take an action. It therefore makes sense to integrate a CRO strategy. An event landing page, for example a philanthropic cause, can be optimized with a video showing the success of past editions, with the aim of encouraging visitors to register this year.

    By optimizing your conversion rate, you'll get the most out of your existing website traffic, while ensuring you're targeting qualified leads.

    To start planning your strategy, call us now and we'll discuss it together