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10 digital advertising trends for 2024

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Just like the rest of the digital world, online advertising is a constantly evolving field. In order to take maximum advantage of the effectiveness of your campaigns, it is therefore necessary to constantly stay on the lookout for new approaches and tools available. Here is a small top 10 of the new developments to watch out for in online advertising to date.

Emerging Social Media Advertising

Social media is constantly evolving at high speed. The emergence of new platforms, for example, helps provide different opportunities for advertisers looking for opportunities to expand their online presence. Advertising campaigns on platforms such as Tik Tok and Snapchat represent good examples of this idea.

Advertising based on artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence now occupies an important place in many fields. AI-based advertising is no exception, as it is in full expansion. Machine learning algorithms are used to analyze user data, target advertisements more precisely, and personalize advertising messages based on individual preferences. These features aim to allow advertisers to improve the effectiveness of online campaigns .

Contextual and cookie-free advertising

Due to growing concerns about the protection of Internet users' privacy, it is becoming essential to take steps to limit the use of third-party cookies in tracking online activities. Contextual advertisements then become an alternative of choice based on data available locally on devices rather than depending on third-party cookies.

Online video advertising

Online video advertising has become an important part of digital advertising strategies. Advertisers use streaming platforms, video sharing sites and social networks to serve video ads, taking advantage of the high user engagement that tends to be seen with this type of content.

Advertising in video games and virtual reality

With the growing popularity of video games and virtual reality , companies are looking to integrate advertisements into these recreational environments. This concept can take the form of advertisements directly integrated into the gaming platform, advertisements displayed in virtual worlds, or brand partnerships with popular games.

Advanced Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace. It therefore offers constant improvements in terms of targeting, personalization and performance measurement. Advanced programmatic advertising tools, when used correctly, allow advertisers to automatically optimize their campaigns in real time.

Voice advertising

With the proliferation of voice assistants and smart speakers, voice advertising is also gaining importance. It may indeed be relevant for certain advertisers to seek to broadcast targeted audio advertisements on these devices, using voice recognition and AI technologies for example.

Advertising in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things , also called IoT (for Internet of Things ), offers new opportunities in the world of online advertising. By this principle, connected devices can be used to collect certain information such as consumption habits, in order to broadcast targeted advertisements. However, great caution is required from companies wishing to use this type of advertising to ensure that they do not invade users' privacy.

Native advertising

Native advertising integrates seamlessly with editorial content, resembling the natural format of the platform on which it appears. This allows advertisers to better integrate their message without affecting the user experience, thereby improving the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns .

Measuring advertising impact on offline sales

Measuring the advertising impact on offline sales has also become a major issue for companies seeking to evaluate the effectiveness of their online campaigns. Advanced methods are used to link online advertising data to offline sales, providing an even more comprehensive view of the true impact of advertisements on sales and overall business success.


In summary, it is worth remembering that new developments in online advertising are constant, and therefore always require staying up to date. Collaborating with a marketing agency specializing in this area can therefore be of significant benefit to ensure that you make the most of new opportunities on the market.



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