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Secondary online advertising platforms: in brief

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In addition to the traditional advertising platforms discussed previously, other alternatives should also be considered. In a digital world always progressing at high speed, it is important to stay on the lookout for all the options in order to take advantage of the subtleties of each online advertising platform and thus be able to choose the most appropriate for each campaign.

TikTok Ads

The social platform TikTok has quickly become popular, particularly with a rather young clientele, by standing out from other more traditional social networks. Faced with this great popularity, it may therefore become interesting to consider advertising placement options via this platform.

To help you position your strategy in line with the strategic sales funnel ( TOFU / MOFU / BOFU ), here is a brief summary of Tik Tok Ads :

  1. Main objective : Engagement and brand awareness. (TOFU)
  2. Types of ads on TikTok : InFeed Ads , Top View , Brand Takeovers , and more. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : Targeting options can be tailored based on age, location, behavior, interests, and more. (TOFU/MOFU)
  4. Conversion tracking and results analysis : Using TikTok Pixel allows you to effectively track the impact of your ads on the platform. (MOFU/BOFU)

Pinterest Ads

Known for its creative content, Pinterest aims to inspire its users looking for original and practical ideas on a ton of topics. Like other platforms, Pinterest has its own advertising tool, called Pinterest Ads .

  1. Main objective : Ideal advertising platform for companies wishing to promote lifestyle, decoration and/or fashion products for example. (TOFU)
  2. Types of ads on Pinterest : Promoted Pins, videos, carousels, Shopping format or collections ads. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : Targeting options by interest, keyword, demographics, etc. It is also possible to choose automatic targeting mode, allowing you to target similar audiences. (MOFU)
  4. Analysis of results and conversions : The Pinterest tag allows you to follow the journey of visitors, thus providing valuable information and reports on performance, conversions and sales in particular. (MOFU/BOFU)

Spotify Ads

For an optimal online presence, a certain variety in your advertising approach can become an asset. Audio advertising on Spotify represents a very good example of a strategy in this sense. In order to make your brand known in a different and original way, this solution can be quite interesting.

  1. Main objective : Reach your target audience differently through audio for maximum awareness and engagement. (TOFU)
  2. Types of ads on Spotify : Audio formats / Display ads / Video ads / Sponsored playlists, etc. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience targeting : In addition to classic targeting options (age, location, interests, etc.), Spotify Advertising offers a very effective alternative for advertising on its platform: targeting by musical genre , as well as targeting by type of playlists listened to. (MOFU)
  4. Conversion tracking and results analysis : The popular music streaming platform allows you to track your performance statistics internally, thanks to its Spotify Ad Analytics analysis tool . (MOFU/BOFU)

Snapchat Ads

Thanks to its large audience, mainly reaching a young and dynamic audience, advertising via Snapchat also represents an alternative solution that may merit consideration by certain companies, depending on the advertising message to be conveyed. Display in Snapchat Ads can therefore be part of a much more global online advertising strategy in certain cases.

  1. Main objective : Reach a younger audience, generally rather active and reactive when it comes to online purchasing. (TOFU)
  2. Types of ads on Snapchat : Video Snapchat Ads , dynamic ads, Story Ads , carousel format ( Collection Ads ), and more. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : Targeting options by interests, geographic location, online behavior, and more. (MOFU)
  4. Conversion tracking and analysis : Integration of the Snapchat Pixel to track visits and sales via your advertisements on the platform, allowing you to measure the return on investment of your campaign. (MOFU/BOFU)

X Ads / Twitter Ads

Officially become X , but still known as Twitter , the popularity of the platform remains. For a company seeking to position its brand , advertising via X Ads can represent an interesting opportunity.

  1. Primary Purpose : Use for engagement and spark conversation between brand and consumers. (TOFU)
  2. Types of advertisements on _ trend / etc. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : Targeting options by similar followers, interests, engagement, events, etc. (MOFU)
  4. Conversion tracking and results : Twitter pixel and integrated tracking via the conversion API providing access to ad performance statistics. (MOFU/BOFU)

Reddit Ads

The popular discussion platform Reddit also has its advertising tool. Here is a small overview of the possibilities if you want to integrate Reddit Ads into your online advertising strategy.

  1. Objective : Interesting option for specific niches. (TOFU/MOFU)
  2. Type of advertisements on Reddit : Ads in subreddits (subreddit ) . (MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : Targeting by interest, location, Reddit communities , etc. (MOFU)
  4. Results Analytics and Conversions : Built-in analytics to track user engagement with ads. (MOFU/BOFU)

Quora Ads

Combining the characteristics of a discussion platform and a social network, Quora is also another advertising vehicle to consider for businesses looking to expand their online presence.

  1. General objective : Reach an audience on specific issues. (TOFU)
  2. Type of ads on Quora : Sponsored answers (TOFU/MOFU).
  3. Audience targeting : Targeting by questions and topics. (MOFU)
  4. Conversion tracking and results analysis : Pixel Quora (MOFU/BOFU).


The Taboola advertising platform seeks to differentiate itself through its offering of native advertisements, strategically positioned on the web, according to the advertiser's objectives.

  1. Objective : Allow businesses to stand out through native advertising and content marketing. (TOFU)
  2. Ad types : Native ads, content recommendations, video campaigns and news feeds. (TOFU/MOFU)
  3. Audience Targeting : By interest, location, behavior, device type, etc. (MOFU)

Conversion tracking and results analysis: Integrated tracking (MOFU/BOFU).


In an ever-changing digital landscape, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of advertising trends. Traditional platforms provide solid foundations, but exploring new avenues like TikTok, Pinterest, Spotify, Snapchat, X/Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Taboola opens doors to innovative and targeted advertising strategies.

Each platform has its own unique features, from primary objectives to ad types and targeting options, providing a multitude of opportunities to reach diverse audiences and engage consumers in unique ways.

By integrating these alternatives into your overall online advertising strategy, you can maximize your reach, build brand awareness and drive conversions, by choosing the most suitable platform for each campaign.



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