[ANNONCE] NANUK renouvelle son partenariat avec Bofu Agence Marketing pour l'année 2023 - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NANUK renews its partnership with Bofu Agence Marketing for the year 2023

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    We are delighted to announce that NANUK , a local company, has renewed its contract with our marketing agency for the year 2023. This prestigious client has seen the concrete results of our collaboration and has chosen to continue our partnership for achieve their business goals. We are proud to continue to support them in their growth and look forward to continuing to offer them innovative and effective marketing strategies. This renewal is testament to the confidence our client has in our ability to deliver exceptional results in terms of lead generation campaign performance, revenue and strategy.

    “Bofu has delivered consistently positive results for NANUK while always having the best interests of the brand in mind. For us, it's a real partnership."

    - Dennis Piretra, VP Marketing & Business Strategy

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    Bofu is a team of experts passionate about the success of its clients. Its purpose is to lend a hand to the marketing department and key decision-makers of local businesses, by establishing and executing growth strategies that are optimized, innovative, bold and tailored to their needs and objectives.