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PCAN Part 1 - Develop your online business activities

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What is PCAN?

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a Government of Canada initiative aimed at helping Canadian businesses become more innovative and competitive in online commerce. The PCAN is implemented in Quebec thanks to an alliance between the Network of Community Development Corporations and Business Support Centers (SADC+CAE) and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (FCCQ).

Part 1: Develop your online business activities

This stream provides advisory services and microgrants of up to $2,400 to help small businesses adopt digital technologies. To learn more about applying for a grant , visit the official website.

Grant Eligibility

SMEs must meet several criteria to be eligible, including:

  • Have at least one employee or annual income of at least $30,000;
  • Be a for-profit business, registered or incorporated;
  • Sell ​​directly to consumers (B2C).

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementation or improvement of an e-commerce site;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Installation of e-commerce platforms;
  • Tips for developing an e-commerce strategy.

Ineligible expenses

Certain expenses are not eligible, such as:

  • Connectivity costs;
  • Shipping costs for goods;
  • Renewal of existing digital services.

How to get the microgrant

  1. Eligibility Assessment : Make sure your project is eligible.
  2. Submitting the grant form : Complete the form on the official website.
  3. Signing the grant agreement : After approval, sign the grant agreement.
  4. Sending supporting documents : Send invoices and proof of payment.
  5. Obtaining the grant : Funds are transferred within 15 working days after approval of the supporting documents.


Who can benefit from the PCAN Quebec subsidy?

SMEs of all sizes and from all sectors of activity in Quebec can benefit from the subsidy only once, provided they meet certain specific criteria.

What expenses are eligible under PCAN Quebec?

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, implementing e-commerce plans, search engine optimization, installing e-commerce platforms, and hiring digital marketing consultants.

Is there a minimum or maximum income to qualify?

There is no minimum or maximum income requirement to participate in the program.

Can I submit expenses already incurred?

No, all expenses must be after the grant approval date.

Does the grant cover the purchase of electronic equipment?

Yes, but only if the equipment is directly linked to an e-commerce strategy, with coverage of 20% of the total cost.

Can I use the grant to pay for existing services?

No, the grant is only for new e-commerce service subscriptions.

Does my business have to have a physical location to be eligible?

No, online businesses are also eligible.

Is it possible to submit multiple applications?

Each business can only receive one grant under this program, but a new application can be submitted if the first one was refused.


PCAN represents a significant opportunity for SMEs in Quebec and Canada to develop and improve their online presence. By taking advantage of this grant, businesses can not only increase their visibility on the web but also strengthen their competitiveness in an increasingly digitalized market.

For more information, contact PCAN Quebec or consult THE 7 BEST DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION GRANTS FOR SMEs to discover other grant opportunities.



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