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Hotjar: Evaluate the behavior of users who consult your resources or content

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At Bofu, using the services of Hotjar is a must. It is an analysis tool that reveals the online behavior of users on your website in order to understand how they use it.

One of the strengths of this tool is the fact that it combines, on a single platform, a set of analytical features including user feedback tools such as:

Heatmaps or heatmaps that allow you to see where your users click on your site;

· Video recording which allows you to record user sessions on your site in order to see precisely what works and does not work;

· The conversion funnel which lets you know when users leave your site;

· Forms analysis lets you know how your users interact with the forms on your site , allowing us to reduce any errors that might arise;

· Opinion polls that allow you to ask users' opinions and the reasons for their actions on your site;

· Feedback or feedback allows users to leave comments on your site , telling you what they like or don't like;

· Recruitment of testers which allows you to select testers for future features or actions that could be implemented on your site.

This tool is essential to allow us to understand , precisely, who are the users of your website and how we can optimize your site according to their preferences.

Obtaining a more efficient website that reflects your customers' image has never been easier thanks to Bofu's expertise. Contact us today for an exploratory call.

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