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How Microsoft Clarity can help you

Microsoft Clarity is a free user behavior analysis tool that helps you understand how users interact with your website.

Specifically, Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analysis tool that turns user interactions into visual information. The platform offers a variety of dashboards, heatmaps, and session replays that reveal which parts of your site get the most and least engagement. It also has features to see rage clicks and dead clicks which makes it easier to analyze issues that cause confusion and poor performance.

THE rage clicks occur when users repeatedly click (and click and click) in a certain area or on a specific element of your site, over a short period of time. They usually signal user frustration with your site due to low page speed, confusion, or broken elements. Therefore, knowing what causes rage clicks can help you optimize your page for conversions.

THE dead clicks are clicks on a website that produce no effect. Similar to rage clicks , dead clicks denotes a negative metric signaling that a user has experienced a poor user experience.

At a glance, Microsoft Clarity is equipped with an impressive range of features including:

· Session recording so you can see exactly how users interact with your site;

· Heatmaps, which allow you to see the volume and location of clicks or scrolls on a given page;

A well-presented dashboard offering insight into common key metrics such as session volume and top pages, as well as frictional metrics such as rage clicks and the dead clicks ;

· Powerful filtering options that allow precise analysis, and the ability to customize these filters with given tags.

Microsoft Clarity offers a concise set of powerful features for analyzing your users' behavior.

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