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Establish a digital advertising campaign budget

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Of a company's overall budget , a significant portion is usually already spent on advertising and marketing. It is therefore in this category that online advertising falls . In order to obtain the best results, and optimize the investment of advertisers, it is essential to evaluate the right ratio necessary in terms of expenses and resource allocation . The objective is to find the balance for maximum results in terms of online advertising, without having to spend too much unnecessarily.

Determining the advertising budget

Determining your advertising budget is a key step in planning a good marketing strategy . To do this, certain steps are necessary: ​​assess the size and potential of the market, define the marketing objectives, and decide the amount to allocate to achieving each of them.

To determine the right advertising budget for your business, several strategies exist:

  • Percentage of turnover method : Allocate, beforehand, a certain fixed percentage of turnover for everything relating to advertising;
  • Competitive method : Establish the budget based on what competitors are doing;
  • “Objective and Task” method : Adapt the budget amount according to the specific objectives of the company and the tasks necessary to achieve them;
  • Intuitive Method: Use judgment and experience to determine the budget; obviously always depending on the financial capacity of the company.

Regardless of the strategy chosen, we suggest that you always keep one door open so that it remains possible to adjust, if necessary, the budget established for advertisements . Particularly based on the changing realities that may affect your business over time.

Budget allocation strategies on different platforms

Budget allocation between different advertising platforms is another crucial step. More concretely, this step involves deciding how to subdivide the budget between each of the traditional media (television, radio, newspapers) and digital media (social media, search engines and other online advertising).

To help you properly allocate your advertising budget by platform, here are some key considerations to take into account:

  • Audience Targeting : Where is your target audience primarily located and what are their spending habits?
  • Return on Investment (ROI) : Which platform provides the best return on investment (value) based on business strategies and goals?
  • Brand fit : Which platform better matches the brand image or the type of products and services the company offers?

Budget optimization for maximum results

Budget optimization aims to maximize the effectiveness of advertising spending . To achieve this, it is necessary to plan a constant analysis of the situation and the results in order to be able, if necessary, to readjust the strategy according to performance.

In this sense, here are some key points to optimize your advertising budget :

  • Data analysis : Use available data to understand what works and what doesn't with existing strategies;
  • A/B tests : Run comparative tests in order to evaluate different approaches and thus identify the most efficient;
  • Automation : Use certain automated tools to optimize the distribution of advertisements and ensure maximum efficiency;
  • Focus on ROI : Focus spending on advertising channels and tactics that generate the best return on investment.


By combining these three steps, it becomes easier for a business to develop an advertising spending plan that is both strategic and responsive , effectively achieving marketing objectives while maximizing results and money invested on ads.

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