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Meta Instagram Graph API Update

New Instagram Stories publishing capability for third-party tools

Good news for social media managers: Meta is adding Instagram Stories publishing capability to its Instagram Graph API. This means that third-party publishing tools, such as Hootsuite, HubSpot , and Later, will soon be able to make it easier to publish and schedule Stories, making it easier to manage your content from one platform.

According to Meta :

“The Instagram Graph API allows Instagram business accounts to post up to 25 images, videos, reels (i.e. single media posts) or posts containing multiple images and videos (carousel posts) per updated using third-party development platforms. This API enhancement will be available for the current version, v16.0, and all previous versions of the Graph API. As there are no new points of At the end or permissions, Stories will automatically be available to developers who already have access to the Content Publishing API."

This could be a big help to those who manage Stories publishing through apps like Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Later, adding a new element to their main publishing dashboard. Personally, I prefer to use native app tools whenever possible because it allows you to get a more granular overview of how your post will look, but have greater ability to stay active on all aspects of your presence since a single platform is also beneficial, in many ways.

Your management platform, such as HubSpot and Later, will now need to integrate this new update before making it available in their applications, which should happen soon.

And given that Stories are now one of the primary ways of engagement in the app, more so than the main News Feed, it's definitely worth thinking about how this might change your Stories posting strategy .

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