Les Éditions Cardinal choisissent Bofu comme collaborateur marketing

Éditions Cardinal chooses Bofu as marketing collaborator

We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Les Éditions Cardinal, a large company rich in local culture!

This union aims to strengthen and diversify Éditions Cardinal's online presence through a modernized approach, focusing on digital strategy, optimized use of Shopify, effective online advertising and tailor-made SEO techniques.

This partnership is guided by a common objective: to promote the growth and accessibility of Éditions Cardinal in the digital landscape, while remaining faithful to their values ​​of proximity and authenticity.

“It is a privilege to work alongside a company as respected as Les Éditions Cardinal. We look forward to putting our expertise at the service of their ambitions, adopting a progressive and rigorous approach.”

- Marc-Antoine Rioux, co-founder of Bofu

We are confident that this partnership, anchored in a common vision and shared values, will be beneficial for both parties and their respective communities. Thank you for your trust!